Listen to what Peckham’s customers are saying.

“Peckham Industries has been a part of our road program in the Town of Ballston during my 14 years as Superintendent. Their competitive prices along with the flexible and timely service have helped our Paving, Recycling and Pavement Preservation Programs. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Joe Whalen

Superintendent of Highways, Town of Ballston

“I have different types of soil conditions in my town and working with Peckham gives me the availability to use the right process for my roads.”

Chris Rieban

Town of White Creek

“Having worked with Peckham let’s me take advantage of their sales staff knowledge on the newest road maintenance process that are available today.”

Mike Graham

Town of Kingsbury

“I have only had positive experiences with Ballast Star and their product, Citrastar. Their sales department has been helpful, and prompt in arranging whatever size deliveries I need, or just answering any questions I have. Nice people and nice products.”

Brad Keil

Keil Equipment Company Ballast Star

“What I like most, is that the Citrastar is easy to work with. There is no unpleasent odor, doesn’t freeze or seperate and it pumps easily into the tire. It has certainly mad my job much nicer.”

Stuart Kinne

Columbia Tractor Inc. Ballast Star

“Ballast Star supplied everything we needed to start up, the tank, the pump and the product. I was able to service my customers almost immediately.”

Ron Davis, Jr.

The Hudson River Tractor Company, LLC Ballast Star