News from Peckham

Pleasant Valley Safety Days Review Plant Upgrades and Work Zone Caution


There was a large turnout of customers in Pleasant Valley this week as we prepare for a busy 2019 construction season. Over the last several years, many changes and updates have occurred as we invest to respond to customer needs. As costs rise, and the scarcity of truck drivers is felt by all, Peckham continues to work to lower the time trucks are in the plants.

In Pleasant Valley, we converted our asphalt plant from a batch tower to a continuous mix drum plant with six silos. This allows us to store over 1000 tons of ready-to-sell blacktop, ensuring the trucks will not be held up.

Over at the quarry, we’ve added new loaders that can cycle faster, knocking waiting and loading time down as much as possible. Participants at our Safety Days enjoyed plant tours after several sessions, including an excellent presentation on work-zone safety. We look forward to seeing more customers at future events.

Advocating for Local Road Spending at New York’s Capitol

Peckham representatives joined hundreds of our customers, along with many other suppliers and local municipal officials, in early March at the New York State Capitol. We were advocating for higher spending for local roads. Each year funding needs increase, and the competition for monies tightens as well.

CHIP (Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program) funding is the primary (and often only) source of revenue for municipalities to get capital improvements done to their roads. With the Republican loss of control of the Senate, more money may move towards mass transit projects in the greater NYC area; a large turnout was imperative on this day of advocacy.

Peckham and the upstate communities we work in were well represented!

Stone for Emergency Stream Bank Restoration

Stone sales started early in 2019 from the Catskill plant as crews worked to supply JA Maloy for an emergency project. Banks along the Rondout Creek in Rosendale (Ulster County) needed to be stabilized before the spring run-off began from the Catskills.

Peckham Materials supplied almost 21,000 tons of large stone items throughout the month with a fleet of trucks to knock this job out. As shown in the pictures, the cold snowy days of winter did not deter anyone on this project.


Peckham Aggregate Contributes to Former Frontier Town Transformation

Peckham Industries worked throughout 2018 with Luck Brothers (Plattsburgh) in North Hudson, NY, on a new campground and equestrian facility on the grounds of the former Frontier Town at Exit 29 of the Northway.

This beautiful Essex County project will wrap up in May of 2019. We supplied 30,000 tons of aggregate products from our Chestertown quarry throughout the construction season, and Peckham Road mobilized several times to pave the roads and parking areas. If you’re traveling through the Adirondacks, make a stop at Exit 29 and take a tour.

It’s good to have a new attraction in the area and Peckham Industries, Inc. has been proud to be a part of it!

North Country Public Radio news story (October 5, 2018)

Peckham Industries Load Tracker Tool Provides Real-Time Trucking Information to Customers

Once again leading in the industry, Peckham Industries, Inc. is offering real-time loadout information delivered directly to smart phones via LoadTracker. This load tracking tool works with any web browser.

Load foremen, superintendents, and operators can get the up-to-the-minute trucking information they need to keep projects on schedule. They can skip the hourly calls to the plant with this widely adopted, well-received tool. Customers should contact their Peckham salesman, scalehouse clerk, or plant operator to get a custom access code to use Peckham’s LoadTracker service on their next project from Peckham’s plants.

The real-time load tracking information provided includes job codes, truck number, driver name, departure time, load quantity, daily cumulative quantity, and round trip minutes. Each time the screen is pulled down, the information is refreshed for the latest data.


Peckham Industries, Inc. Acquires Massachusetts-Based Palmer Paving Corp.

Peckham Industries, Inc. announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Palmer Paving Corp., a heavy highway construction and materials business based in Palmer, Massachusetts. Palmer’s operations, seasoned business management team, and more than 150 talented employees will remain intact and will provide Peckham with expanding business opportunities in the region. Together, the companies will optimize the synergies that exist between them.

“Early on in our discussions, we saw that our business values aligned. We’re enthusiastic and excited about the possibilities for growth and continued prosperity in the region,” stated John R. Peckham, President of Peckham Industries, Inc. “Both companies are committed to empowering their employees to continuously experiment, innovate and improve our operational efficiency and safety.”

“We know that the Peckham group will enhance our business operations and provide great opportunities for our team here at Palmer,” noted Janet Callahan, who will remain serving as President of Palmer Paving Corp.

Palmer Paving Corp. is nationally recognized for manufacturing and installing the highest quality pavements in western Massachusetts and northeastern and north central Connecticut. Its drive for excellence, focus on safety, and sound environmental business practices will continue with a mindset on long-term success.

Privately-held Peckham Industries, Inc., a family operated company since 1924, now employs more than 800 people at more than 25 facilities located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont. Peckham and its subsidiaries provide road construction and maintenance, including hot and warm mix asphalt, liquid asphalt, asphalt emulsion, stone and aggregates, ready mix concrete, and liquid calcium chloride, as well as precast concrete components for large-scale construction projects throughout the Northeast.

Safety Day Reinforces Safety First

Peckham Materials hosted two safety days on April 10th and April 11th this year at our Hudson Falls facility. Donny Michlette, John Wright, and their staff helped transform our maintenance shop into a classroom that saw over 300 customers/participants over two days!

Peter Simoneau, Tim Needham and the employees in the North Country addressed many issues that we experienced in 2017 and new protocol to help prevent those issues from continuing to happen. Signs, cameras, and paint were added to all of our plants to keep our customers safe. Lou Merkle, and Sue Coutler have campaigned to all of our employees, reminding them how committed to safety we are, and to lead by example. Our #1 goal is to have all of our employees and customers go home safely and to their families the same way they came in.

Safety Day was born from Lou and Sue’s campaign to make sure everyone commits themselves to safety. We talked openly about the behaviors we expected from our employees and customers at the Asphalt plants and Quarries. A short film of a truck driving into Hudson Falls was shown to familiarize our customers with where they should go for stone and HMA. We also gave tours in vans to bring them as close and safe inside the Quarry and Asphalt plant as we could.

Peter Simoneau discussed the safety practices that all should follow when in our facilities. He gave specific site information and details. Phil Spiezio, Washington County Safety Director, shared some real life examples of what happens when you let your guard down. The topics he covered were: Distracted Driving, Personal Protective Equipment, and Work Zone Safety. We also had a few excellent speakers- Donna Shave from 1-800-Dig-Safely talked about utility safety in the work zone when excavating and Haun Welding Supply along with Hanes Supply Co. did segments on equipment safety and fall protection.

Normally Peckham Materials is a leader in the industry for producing quality materials and for the services we provide, but this time we took a huge step in becoming an industry leader in safety!

Jay Castimore, Peckham Materials Corp.


When a Legend Retires, The Party is Legendary

On March 2, 2018 we planned to celebrate the retirement of Ms. Carol N. Lecomte and not even a nor’easter could stop us! We had a great turn out considering the damage the record-breaking storm did to the Hudson Valley area, and not even the power outage at Crabtree’s Kittle House Restaurant & Inn put a damper on celebrating the legend. Carol retired with over 50 years of loyal dedicated service to the company.

Carol started out as our secretary in 1968 when our offices were at 50 Haarlem Ave., just down the street from where we are currently located. Throughout 50 years she has worked with us through the good, and the bad we all face in the construction industry throughout such a long period of time. Two generations of Peckham’s, an office move and a few promotions later, she retired as the Manager of A/R & Credit. She did an absolutely amazing job, and taught everyone who worked with her the “who, what, when, where and how”. We cannot thank her enough for being such a big part of our organization as well as a big part of our success. She will be greatly missed, and we send her the best wishes on enjoying her much earned retirement!

Peckham Materials Says Thank You To All and Reminds Everyone to Be Safe

The Chestertown crew, along with the PII safety department, served lunch to truckers on the fly on a busy Friday in June. The Chestertown plants have been straight out BUSY the last several weeks as we supply several NYSDOT jobs.

Kubricky Construction’s reconstruction of Route 28 is from Indian Lake to Blue Mountain Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks; we have over 28 trucks headed that way as we complete the 40,000+ tons of blacktop. Simultaneously, there has been an additional 25 trucks running to the Essex County highway crew. PRC has been paving Route 8 in Johnsburg as well throughout June. A great blacktop year in Chester, coupled with some good stone jobs like the 25,000 tons of aggregate headed to the new campground at Frontier Town (Exit 29) has kept the production crews putting in long, hard days.

Lunch, served with a side of safety information, was provided as gratitude for the hard work our truckers, QC staff, and all the PII employees are doing in Chestertown. We cannot stress enough how appreciative we are of everyone’s hard work and dedication. Thank you to everyone for making Peckham Materials Corp. the company it is today!

Peter Simoneau, Peckham Materials Corp.

Full Depth Reclamation with Cement Stabilization- The Solution That Does Exactly What It’s Supposed To Do

In 2017, Peckham Road Corp was awarded and successfully completed the Sunny Hills Estates project in Raritan, NJ. However, in May of 2018 Raritan Township contacted us with concerns that the stabilized base material could be compromised. The director of public works said they are seeing water stains on the roadway that could possibly be the result of the stabilized base material breaking down, losing its integrity and leaching.

Following the call from Township, I met with the general contractor to discuss our game plan to address the township’s concerns. We decided to go to the project and dig several test pits in the locations with visible stains and examine the quality of the asphalt surface and the underlying base. Our finding were as expected, what we revealed was a well-engineered, highly compacted base material with great integrity, that is capable of providing the all physical properties associated with cement stabilized Full Depth Reclamation.

In addition to these findings, we also identified that there is a continuous source of water beneath the roads. This condition substantiates the use of FDR with cement stabilization as the preferred solution for the Sunny Hills Estates Road Construction due to the properties listed below.

  1. increased strength and stiffness of base material
  2. reduced deflection from traffic loads
  3. moisture resistance and higher levels of strength even when saturated water.
  4. a reduction in subgrade stress

The township engineering and public works departments witnessed our testing and agreed that our work was done professionally and properly. They are so pleased with the results, they putting another FDR project out to bid!

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC.