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New Scale House Takes the Weight Off of Plant Clerks and Customers

Pleasant Valley added a new state of the art scale house to not only enhance the looks of the facility, but to update the way we operate. The new layout allows the clerks to better see the scale, and customers to better enhance safety and accuracy when loading in and out in our facility. We strive to update and modernize our facilities with both layout, and technology so we can be safer, smarter and more efficient with all activity throughout all of our locations, not just for our employees and customers, but our neighbors as well.

Kevin McCarthy, Peckham Materials Corp.


Visualizing the Future at Pleasant Valley

Since acquiring the Pleasant Valley location from the Arborio Family in 2012 – the site has been in a constant state of flux – positive change.  Ramps we re-located to improve efficiencies, virtually all of the hauling and loading equipment has been upgraded, the secondary and finish crushing equipment and structures have been replaced – the site has essentially been rebuilt.  Now were tackling the landscape itself.  After conception of the plan we attended several Planning and Zoning Board meetings, held informational meetings and site visits for our neighbors and the Towns Board Members, and applied for a NYSDEC for a permit modification for the berm construction prior to receiving project approval.  Although the Town neighbors and Board members were very thorough in their review of the project they quickly saw the benefits of the project.

Here’s the view from North Avenue “before” construction began a few weeks ago.  Although the stockpiles have been there for as long as most people remember – we agreed that we could create a better viewshed for our neighbors as well as a safer travel way for construction vehicles entering and exiting the site and perhaps better shelter North Avenue and our neighbors from some noise and dust.

The plan consists of moving all the stockpiled material to other parts of the site, stripping/moving the soil then drilling/blasting the entire area under the finish material conveyors.  The area cleared adjacent to North Avenue will have a natural looking vegetated berm planted with various native species of plantings.

Currently, construction has completed moving the stockpiled material, stripping the area and we’ve begun drilling and blasting the 60,000 tons of material to be removed from the area.

Following the completion of material removal will be the installation of the berm and native species plantings.  We are confident that this project will make the site safer and more efficient for construction traffic and the traveling public, shield our neighbors from noise and dust, create a visually appealing landscape for the public and help to continue the strong community relationships that the Arborio Family started in Pleasant Valley in 1937.

Chris Suttmeier, Peckham Materials Corp.

City of Cohoes Enhances Their Snow & Ice Control with Calcium

Ralph Signoracci, Director of Operations for City of Cohoes sticks to his word last year;

“Winter of 2016 was no match for us since Peckham Materials Corp came out with their pugmill and treated our 1,000 ton stockpile of salt with Calcium. We noticed right away the hours saved plowing and reduced our salt usage by 20%. It also helped save our roads from a lot of wear and tear since the Calcium Enhanced Salt performed so well and we didn’t have to do as many runs with the plow. We are true believers in this product, and we will only salt our roads with salt that has been enhanced by Peckham.”

And this year was no exception. We went out to Cohoes and did what we always do, provided a great product, with great service, at fair market value. Just check out the video on how easy to process is. In just a few short hours your salt pile could be treated. Now, you can let the material do the work, and give yourself and the machines a break!

Matt Lazari, Peckham Materials Corp.

When the going gets tough… the tough keep working!

Despite the brutal temperatures over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, Dailey Precast has managed to stay on schedule as we erect our seventh garage for AvalonBay Communities. Our latest project is in Boonton, NJ. Although the temperatures in Vermont were not rising above 15 degrees for almost three weeks, the crews at the plant and on-site worked through the harsh cold, and many days of rough winds to keep things moving accordingly. Many thanks to the hard working folks prepping and sandblasting pieces, the yard and crane crews climbing on snow-covered concrete, the truckers heading out between snow storms, and, of course, the erecting crews from Jemco in NJ for making it all come together. Through hard work, dedication and teamwork we were able to continue another successful project.

Peter Simoneau, Peckham Industries Inc.

Reclamation Builds Believers through Building Stronger Roads

Raritan Township, located in central New Jersey was the latest addition to our list of successful Full Depth reclamation projects. This project was not deprived of unique challenges. New curbing was installed by the general contractor, DeSantis Construction. The outcome of the curbing installation left the profile of the existing streets as much as foot above target in some areas, and as much as foot below the target in others due to unforeseen circumstances.

In an effort to minimize removal of the reclaimed roadways, and maintain the physical properties associated to the mix design (ie. compressive strength, cement and water content), we were challenged with removing recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) from the high sections of the streets and placing it in low sections of the streets that encompassed this 20,000 square yard project.

One of the rewards of our success, is that we have positioned ourselves to permanently display the benefits of Full Depth Reclamation to Flemington, another township that is not yet a supporter of the full Depth reclamation process.

Flemington is one of 21 “Doughnut” townships in New Jersey. A doughnut township is one that is completely surrounded by only one township. The township surrounding Flemington is none other than Raritan.

Raritan, satisfied with the Full Depth Reclamation (cement stabilization) we provided in 2017, has confirmed and additional 20,000 square yards for 2018.

With continued success in Raritan, we will eventually get Flemington to trust in the process of Full Depth Reclamation.

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC

Peckham Invests in its Most Valuable Asset, “Our Customers”

With close to 95 years in the Construction Industry you can say that we know our business. But here, at Peckham Industries we continue to evaluate what we do in order to provide the best possible service to our customers.

We’ve not only upgraded internally to produce material more efficiently, safer and with the utmost quality, but we continue to focus on our “Customer Experience”. In doing so, we have embraced the continued growth in technology and we are helping our customers help themselves by using new methods to monitor their projects, from field to office.

Recently, we have introduced our new “Load Tracking” program. With this program, our customers can communicate between the HMA plants and the jobsite to track their vehicles from loading to turnaround times.  Our initial feedback from our customers have shown that this new tool has greatly assisted them in their field operations and in completing and scheduling their projects.

Secondly, our “Customer Texting Program” is a tool that will send a text to designated personnel within your operation and inform them of plant openings and closings. By providing such, you as the customer can schedule projects and re-route trucks should the need arise.

Finally, our “Customer Portal” which you can register via our website, can provide you copies of daily tickets and invoices for your specific projects. A new addition to this system is our E-Invoicing which can provide you your invoices right to your in-box. This is greatly assisting our customers in getting timely payments from their customers.

As you can see, all these communication tools will allow you, our customer, to focus on the project and less on the material. It is our mission, here at Peckham Industries to work hard on new and improved ways to better meet your needs.

Rocco Circosta, Peckham Materials Corp.


Warwick Highschool Gets a Lesson in Soil Stabilization

Who says you’re too cool for summer school? Since 2016 we have gone to Warwick High School over the summer to stabilize their parking lots, and main driveway. Since the foundation of the parking lots are originally high in clay, every time they pave their pavement literally falls apart. We came in and gave them a lesson (which also happens to be our motto) – build a good foundation, and a road will last forever. Using cement to stabilize the former farmland, we stabilized 16,000 sqyds in 2016, 26,000 sqyds in 2017, and 12,000 sqyds to be completed this upcoming summer. We are going to finally graduate in 2018, and will always remember the good times we had at Warwick High School.

Charlie Jones, Reclamation LLC

Giving Pavement New Life With Reclamation

Reclamation isn’t just for Muncipalites, even private roads and parking lots can benefit from the advantages we provide. Reclamation LLC reclaimed 3 separate parking lots in Fairfield County, CT for a privately owned corporate campus. That’s 22,000 square yards reclaimed, regraded and stabilized in just 9 days. The owner was originally looking for a typical mill and fill, but due to the fatigue and cracking unstemming from an unstable subbase, they came to Reclamation LLC. The owner wanted the job done, and done right, and once he knew how the reclamation process would add stability and longevity to the parking lot the decision was made quickly. Despite the additional costs, the owner saw how much value added to this project. Tried and true, Reclamation once again saves the day!


Nick Deitrich, Reclamation LLC

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