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All Great Achievements Require Time

All Great Achievements Require Time

Since 1973,​ Mr. Gary Wallace has been an invaluable employee of Peckham Materials Corp. Throughout the ups and downs this industry has seen, there has been one ​guy​ we could depend on – Gary. ​A​longside his late brother Jake, who was our “old school” quarry superintendent, Gary has worked with us for decades. Forty four years later, we couldn’t be happier (and sadder) for Gary to go off and enjoy retirement. We are sad to see you go, but happy to have been able to grow old together over the past decades.

Peter Simoneau, Peckham Materials Corp.

Paving The Way Through The Village of Millbrook

In September, we paved our way through the Village of Millbrook’s heart.  Maple Ave. was in dire need of a Mill and Fill, and our subsidiaries, Peckham Materials Corp. of Pleasant Valley and Peckham Road Corp. came out to get the job done. We supplied our paving division with superpave, for a super job, and 8 hours later, we were 1 ½” out and 1 ½” laid down!  The residents, Highway Super and even the Mayor took a literal note to a job well done!

Kevin McCarthy, Peckham Materials Corp.

Town of Kingsbury Invests in Themselves with FDR

Highway Superintendent of the Town of Kingsbury was prepared to pave a light industrial park, until he spoke to us. The park had pre-existing conditions due to high truck traffic- moderate to slight deflection with a poor subbase and faced the typical municipal issue. How can it be fixed, while maintaining a budget and not causing a ton of inconvenience to the residents and travelers who needed to use the park? He needed a solution and we helped- with Full Depth Reclamation.

Our Reclamation division came in and pulverized, restabilized using foamed asphalt and reprofiled the existing road base. Peckham Road Corp, our paving division then came in and overlayed the new base with 2” of Type 6 pavement supplied from our Hudson Falls facility. The town was extremely happy, and although the process cost a bit more, the life expectancy of the road was extended which means less mill and fill and more smooth driving ahead.

Kenneth Luskin, Peckham Materials Corp.

William E. Dailey Breezes through Deerfield Wind Farm

Some people roll with the punches, but us, we roll with the barrels. When Deerfield Wind Farm needed ready mix concrete from our Wilmington, VT plant not even 10 years of being idle, and hurricane Irene blowing through in 2011 could stop us. We rebuilt and upgraded by way of preparation, dedication, our incredible staff, and as a result we were up and running in no time. Just because we were ready to start, doesn’t mean we were there just yet.

Since this is the first and only wind farm in the country on land owned by the US Forest Service, we still had a lot of mountains to climb- literally! The project involved miles of narrow, steep rough terrain to get to the pour site. We were practically off-roading with fully loaded concrete mixers! Off-road, or not, we got it done. We handled all phases of the project from sitework, mudslabs, pedestals, a bridge, and bases for 80 meter high wind turbines. With the project now completed, we know the risk was well worth the reward!

Daniel Dearstyne, William E. Dailey, Inc.

Dutchess Quarry Marches with Pleasant Valley in Their Town Celebration Parade

On September 17, 2017 we strutted our stuff down RT 44, from Traver Road all the way down to the Pleasant Valley Town Hall. The Parade was to commence the end Pleasant Valley weekend, which includes amusements, events, car shows, activities, and of course a parade! We took off with our Peckham gear on, banner, loaders and our most valued treasure, our employees and their families. Once we finished marching along, the loaders were parked the kids (and the adults too) came by to explore and sit in the equipment. We are so proud to be a part of the Pleasant Valley community, as many of us not just work here, but live here to!

Peckham Materials Corp Has The Energy to Keep Up With New Power Plant Construction

Cricket Valley Energy Center is a fully-permitted approximately 1,100 megawatt (MW), natural gas-fired power plant now under construction in an industrially-zoned site off Route 22 in Dover, New York. For a number of years, we’ve waited patiently for Cricket Valley Energy, the Town of Dover, members of the various regulatory communities and the residents of Dover to come to agreement and approval to start Project. After they have carefully navigated the concerns of each party, the start of construction was marked this summer as contractors were hired to do site-work clean-up, land clearing and the installation/repair of roadways and the entranceway from Route 22.

The natural gas-fired facility will use state-of-the-art, environmentally-responsible combustion turbine technology, and will be among the most efficient energy producers in New York, with the ability to generate electricity for nearly one million homes. The 193-acre property, located at 2241 Route 22, has existing energy infrastructure, including electric power lines and a natural gas pipeline, as well as a substantial tree buffer that will minimize visual and sound impacts.  The location provides an important opportunity for economic revitalization, creating jobs and tax revenue for the Town of Dover.  These factors combine to make it a smart site for Cricket Valley Energy Center’s clean-burning natural gas power plant.

The potential economic impact of the project is significant.  The project’s annual tax payment is estimated to be $3.3 million, escalating to approximately $7.9 million which will be spread among the school district, town, county, and state.

PMC was a chosen supplier of construction aggregates for the start of the project and has plans to work with various contractors and supply a large portion of the construction aggregate requirements for the project.  We wish all a successful project and hope that this is the first of many projects in a larger initiative to revitalize a once proud but recently depressed economy.

Location: 2241 Route 22, Dover Plains.
Output: 1,100 megawatts.
Generator: Natural-gas fired, combined cycle. Combined cycle plants use waste heat from the natural-gas turbine to power a steam turbine.
Cost: $1.54 billion.
First proposed: 2009.
Completion expected: Early 2020.
Construction jobs: 1,100 at peak, 500 on average.
Permanent jobs: Between 25 and 30.

PRC Gives Speedy CIPR to Save the Life of Roadways Throughout NYS

Peckham Road Corp. recently completed 8.3 miles of cold-in-place recycling on Route 159. The NYSOGS project was in the Town of Duanesburg in Schenectady County. The project was over 150,000 SY and the crew knocked it out in under 9 days. Approximately 900 tons of liquid asphalt was supplied from the PARCO terminal in Athens. With a lot of CIPR work let this season, the key factor with this operation has been mobilization. The Peckham Road crew, along with some excellent truck drivers, makes it happen extremely quickly. This has allowed us to increase our production tremendously as we are constantly on the move! With all the recent Quick Quotes coming out from NYSDOT, it looks like it will be a race to the end of the season. The crew has a number of large jobs coming up, one in the Finger Lakes region and another in the Washington County Town of Jackson, and we expect a very busy fall!

Peter Simoneau, Peckham Industries Inc.

Byram Cements its Reputation 2,700 Yards at a Time

Precise Contracting’s project, Hudson Park, in New Rochelle had a problem… How could they find a supplier to complete a 2,700cy Mat Slab in one monolithic pour? After searching and talking with many suppliers, most of whom were going to team up (including us), they finally made the right choice, Byram Concrete! With the help of Brewster Transit Mix we prepared for our overnight pour with all hands on deck from both companies. It took a lot of preparation, planning and jumping through hoops, but on Friday, July 14th we started at 7:30PM getting the show on the road. Then, at around 4AM Brewster joined the party, after we already had 1,200CY out (and a whole lot of coffee). We were all running the road, and even an accident on I-95 couldn’t stop us. Then 15 hours later, it happened, we completed the pour! With team work, communication and some good old fashioned grit amongst all of us at Byram, Brewster and Precise we seamlessly completed the mat slab. To whomever said “If it’s worth it, it won’t be easy” had the right idea, because it wasn’t easy, but it sure was worth it!

Mike Mistishin, Byram Concrete & Supply

Village of Goshen Gets Their Happily “Paved” Ever After

One year ago, we went the Village of Goshen and chip sealed a high traffic area at their request. The residents weren’t happy with the Village’s decision to chip seal, and the customer is always right, so we offered a solution – to fog seal the already chip sealed road. About two weeks later we went out and we did what we always do, make everyone happy. Once the fog seal was completed the residents were happy and the road still retains to this day a “paved” road look.

We did so well that the town opted to try another one of our services recently, full-depth reclamation. We reclaimed and stabilized Green Street, a heavily trafficked roadway, which houses one of Goshen’s busy firehouses. Green St. was incredibly out of shape, and had a lot of ponding issues, especially in front of the firehouse. When we came in we whipped that street right into shape, stabilized with calcium chloride, and corrected all drainage deficiencies. The Village then had the road paved, and the residents, including the Mayor got their fairytale ending; The Happily “Paved” Ever After!

– Charlie Jones, Recalmation LLC


*Product Spotlight* Superpave- The Customization of Your Road

When buying clothes, you wouldn’t buy an outfit that doesn’t fit, so why would you pave your street with Asphalt that just doesn’t “fit”? Superpave is a pavement that can be customized by adjusting the design mix of constituent materials from aggregate proportions to liquid asphalt content and Performance Grade binder to withstand the volume and weight of traffic to allow a better quality and extended service life of pavement, or the perfect fit!

Prior to finding the “fitting” Superpave, specifications should be chosen, understood, and repeated as shown. Superpave Standard Specifications are written, tested and proven true by each state’s Department of Transportation to best suit the needs of the road and the surrounding environmental concerns brought by each varying region. Using standard state DOT specifications are very important as these mixes have gone through rigorous testing, as well as proven by the test of time to support the pavement needs. DOT specifications can be found online through each governmental entities website.

Once the use, and/or volume and ESALs are determined for your bituminous asphalt courses, you can take your specification factors to customize your best pavement yet. Some of the options for “fitting” Superpave are:


Equivalent Standard Axles Load(s)

The ESALS are determined upon traffic load. The ESALs are adjusted by adding more liquid for lower ESALS or less liquid for higher ESALs. The liquid is the “glue” that will hold your pavement together. The lower the ESALS the less traffic levels (gyrations) and vice versa.

  • < 0.3 Less than 3 million ESALs
  • < 30 Less than 30 million ESALs
  • > 30 Greater than 30 million ESALs


The compaction Series will determine the level and testing regulations of each mix. The higher series are less compaction, and less testing.

  • 50 Series
  • 60 Series
  • 70 Series
  • 80 Series

Aggregate Sizes:

Aggregates proportions are sized and placed in mix not only to compact well, but to withstand the weight placed upon the pavement. The aggregates may seem the same, but the proportions vary, which gives the mix different capabilities depending on the application.

  • 9.5MM Top Course, Sand, #1 Stone- Finer mix for bearing lesser traffic
  • 12.5MM Top Course, Sand, #1 Stone, #1A Stone- Additional stone added for bearing higher traffic
  • 19.0MM Binder Course, Sand, #1 Stone, #1A Stone, #2 Stone- Regular Binder Course
  • 25.0MM Binder Course, Sand, #1 Stone, #1A Stone, #2 Stone- Dense Binder Course
  • 37.5MM Base Course, Sand, 1 Stone, #1A Stone, #2 Stone, #3A – Standard Base Course

PG Binder:

Performance Grade Binder, or PG Binder is the liquid, or the “glue” that holds your mix together. These are examples and standards of NYSDOT nonclementures. A unique PG Binder grade is determined by high/low pavement temperature in Celsius.

  • PG 64S-22 Standard Liquid Asphalt
  • PG 64H-22 Heavy Liquid Asphalt
  • PG 64V-22 Very Heavy Liquid Asphalt
  • PG 64E-22 Extreme Heavy Liquid Asphalt

There are also other additives that can be added to modify the asphalt such as polymer to give the asphalt a greater elasticity for reducing pavement distress in high traffic, heavy load bearing roads. An Anti-Strip agent can also be added to the liquid binder to create better bond between the aggregates and liquid. Anti-Strip can be utilized when limited stone sources are available in a particular region.


Types of friction are determined by the source and characteristics of aggregates as well as the use of pavement.

  • F9 Type 9- No friction requirement. Used for Base and Binder Courses
  • F3 Type 3- Minimal friction requirement. Used for Top Courses
  • F2 Type 2- Moderate friction requirement. Used for Top Courses
  • F1 Type 1- High friction requirement. Used for Top Courses

For example, we have NYS DOT Superpave specifications once all components of the mix have been determined;

I bet your thinking “Why wouldn’t why I just go with the highest of all these components and build myself super pavement with Superpave?” In order to best preserve the life cycle of the road to its fullest ability, as well as maintain cost efficient paving, it really is best to use what you need. There isn’t a magical upgrade to Superpave that will give you an invincible finished pavement. Each mix is scientifically customized to fit what the pavement needs, and because of this, sometimes less is more. With Superpave you can find more value, savings and a longer life cycle in pavement applications. We don’t call it super for nothing!