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NYS DOT learns the value of Reclamation

In September, 2016 NYS DOT needed a cost friendly, yet sustainable solution to two tandem lots, they turned to Reclamation LLC to restructure their lots in Spring Valley, NY. We went out and visually inspected the area, and our state of the art lab created the perfect mix design to be able to withstand not only a new Park and Ride, but another tandem lot. With Brian DiBoyce at the helm on behalf of NYS DOT, we were able to reclaim and pave one 4,000sqyd Park and Ride and a 16,000sqyd Tandem lot. The NYS DOT was so satisfied with the end result they plan to do more reclamation!

Charlie Jones, Reclamation LLC

Reclaiming the Road and Mind of the Town of Becket

This month’s edition of New England Construction features an asphalt stabilization project completed by Reclamation, LLC in the summer of 2014. The Town of Becket Highway Department located in Massachusetts, were searching for a cost-effective method to fix a badly deteriorated section of Wade Inn Road. Unexpected high levels of truck traffic had exacerbated the normal wear of the aging roadway, and the town needed to rebuild it on a budget. They decided to take a chance on full-depth reclamation with asphalt stabilization, a process that had not previously been a part of their construction processes for roadway repair.

Reclamation, LLC, with our decades of stabilization experience, was fortunate enough to be the low bidder on this pilot project. We took samples from the deteriorated roadway and ran lab analysis’s to develop the correct mix design. We then got to work by reclaiming the road, adding asphalt emulsion to the old reclaimed roadway and placing it back where the former roadway once existed. After final grading and compaction were completed, the mix was left to cure for a week. Once cured the road was overlaid with binder and top by our longtime customer, DelSignore Blacktop Paving. As the article shows, the finished product more than met the Town’s expectations, and is expected to continue to be an important part of their maintenance program in the future.

Emilie Simoneau, Reclamation, LLC

To check out the original article, please click the link below:

New England Construction Road Reclamation

Peckham Industries Makes it Our Mission to Maintain a Safe Condition

The employees and management of Peckham Industries all share a commitment to each other that each person who works for the company will go home as healthy as they arrived at work in the morning.  That sometimes can be a difficult goal to achieve, and that goal requires a lot of effort to reach.  We work in an industry that can be very dangerous.  Between crushing stone, making hot mix asphalt, paving roads and performing all forms of highway maintenance we are constantly in the presence of potential hazards.  We are exposed to heavy equipment, potentially dangerous electrical and mechanical power, traffic and many other hazards on a daily basis.  Our safety group is constantly monitoring, tracking, auditing and correcting safety and safety deficiencies.

To maintain a proactive approach of being S.A.F.E. (Staying Accident Free Everywhere), during the non-production months of January through March we do extensive safety training.   The training goes on for multiple weeks at many different locations. All of our employees go through these training sessions, which can sometimes be very tedious. The training includes MSHA, OSHA, electrical safety, confined space, driver and hazard communication training and many other training subcomponents.  There are so many elements that go into training and safety awareness.  In the end, the safety training and management are all aimed at that one goal: to make sure that we all go home from work safe and healthy.  We all strive each and every day to achieve this goal and cannot be prouder of our employees who go the extra mile each day to achieve safety success!

Joe Wildermuth, Peckham Industries Inc.

Peckham Materials Corp. Is Ecstatic About Polymer Enhanced Emulsion

Peckham Materials has successfully added elastormeric polymer to our CMS-2 emulsion.  The revamped cold mix emulsion, CMS-2P, is used in cold mix paving with our pugmill and conventional paver process. With the addition of the polymer, Peckham Materials Corp. can now offer the benefits of a flexible pavement, all while gaining the added strength and stability of the polymer.  This follows the polymer modification trend that we are seeing nationally in hot mix pavements to create a better mix.

The cost impact as compared to a conventional CMS-2 emulsion is minimal and the benefits are maximum. The pugmill combined with a conventional paver has proven to be a very viable way deliver the cold mix material. Cold mix material is mixed through our pugmill and then loaded into trucks.  There is little to no residue left in the body of the trucks! Once the pugmill mixed material is on the job site, it is placed using a conventional hot mix paver.  This provides the smoothest road possible and allows us to increase the production rate of material by up to 50%, thus reducing the cost to the customer.

We discovered an additional benefit while working with CMS-2P. The polymer modified mix proved to set quicker than a conventional CMS-2 emulsion produced mix thus allowing placement in more diverse locations and in less than ideal weather conditions. Tried and true CMS-2P is paving the way for the future of emulsions. We look forward to discussing this new product with you and we are confident of its success!

Kevin McCarthy, Peckham Materials Corp.

Dailey Precast Completes Trip Advisor Parking Garage Addition in Record Time

When Trip Advisor realized they needed almost 900 additional parking spaces added to their campus in Needham, Massachusetts they turned to Lee Kennedy Construction of Quincy, Massachusetts and Dailey Precast for a solution.

The Construction schedule was very aggressive, giving Dailey just 50 days to install nearly 800 pieces of precast to an existing parking garage. Fabrication and erection tolerances were extremely important to match up the two structures; both old and new. Another challenge was matching the color and texture of the exterior precast in the existing garage.

To match the existing garage, Dailey Precast sent a team consisting of plant management, detailers, finishing crew and quality control to the jobsite to understand the expectations and standards we needed to meet. Dailey also took over 20 pictures with various small samples we produced to get the correct mix of color and texture. Our dedicated and experienced team was able to precisely match the aesthetics of the new structure to the old structure.

Chris Netzer, Dailey Precast Superintendent working diligently with Prime Steel of Billerica, Massachusetts, our erector, was able to not only meet the schedule but beat it by completing erection in only 38 days!

Tim Breen, Dailey Precast

Finding Your Giving Spirit

giveAs we come into yet another holiday season I ask you to take a moment and contemplate “What does Christmas mean to you?” How will you and your loved ones celebrate this season of giving and receiving? To many of us the season may start by hanging our lights, decorating the yards with figures that represent the holiday. Maybe your season starts by listening to traditional music and decorating the tree. Possibly yours starts by shopping on Black Friday, or after Thanksgiving dinner.  We have so many things that consume our lives for this short period of time.  Sometimes, we can forget to be thankful for what we have and become so overwhelmed that we forget about those that have not.

During this year holiday season I ask that you consider taking an hour or two of your time to remember those families that are less fortunate and to do something that may directly or indirectly have an impact on them during the holiday season. You can volunteer at your local food pantry, bring canned goods and help someone who otherwise may not have that holiday meal. While you’re doing that shopping grab a toy and place it in the Toys For Tots box, I guarantee you will put smile on a child’s face on Christmas morning. Maybe you have a local homeless shelter, such as the Capital City Rescue Mission  that you can volunteer to help serve a meal to person or child that may otherwise not have a holiday dinner.  Go through those drawers in your dresser. We all have things that we have not worn in a year or more, donate those to someone who could use better clothes, a warm jacket or gloves.  You might see a member of our armed services over the holiday in a restaurant, pay for his or her meal. Go to a local nursing home and visit with someone who otherwise may have no family and think they are forgotten for the holidays. Something as simple as taking your five cent returnable cans and bottles to your local Boy Scout Troop, they will put the monies to good use.  These are just a few examples, I could list so many acts of kindness that anyone of us could do, however I ask you to take the opportunity and make it your own.

By you creating your own act of kindness during the holiday season you will have answered the question, “What does Christmas mean to you?”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Rick Rosa, Peckham Materials Corp.

A Full Depth Change in Chestertown

This year, Highway Superintendent Jason Monroe of Chestertown, NY made changes to the road maintenance program after facing the same problem time and time again. Between the lack of funding available through his town highway budget and from state “CHIPS” funds, and the growing road base failures repairs by using a typical hot mix overlay, he proactively took a different approach.

Jason chose to take a more invasive, yet environmentally friendly approach to repair the roadways with failing bases. He opted to recycle the roadways with base failures using the full depth reclamation process. Full depth Reclamation (also known as FDR) utilizes an in-depth recycling machine that grinds the road in place, pulverizes the existing material, then creates a base mix by injecting either foamed asphalt, cement, asphalt emulsions, or calcium chloride into the pulverized material and places it back into the roadway to create a brand new base with the existing road. The process allows the roadway to be reprofiled and greatly improves the load-carrying ability of the sub-base as well. The new base then has a wearing course placed over it.

Once the new road base was in place the less traveled roads were cost effectively double chip sealed and the higher volume roads had a hot mix overlay placed. The change in Chestertown was a win/win for everyone. Stronger roads and more miles were completed and the budget remained the same. Kudos to Jason for thinking outside the box, and keeping Chestertown’s roadway infrastructure safe, steady, as well as environmentally friendly!

Jay Castimore, Peckham Materials Corp.

HMA Plant Closings

All good things must come to an end, and the paving season is no exception! Please see below for tentative closing dates. We can’t wait to see you in the Spring!



Peckham Materials is Udderly Excited to Win an Award for the Ideal Dairy Project

Ideal Dairy, located abouideal-dairyt a mile down from our Hudson Falls plants recently added a trench silo to help with feeding their cows. John Dickinson, owner of Ideal Farms enlisted the help of Peckham Road Corp. and a local contractor who both excavated and paved their way to aid the farm in putting up 900 acres of corn silage to feed 1,400 cows. Peckham Road placed 3,800 tons of Hot Mix Asphalt supplied by Peckham Materials Corp., 16 tons of Cement to surface seal and it wasn’t just the cows who got excited! This project recently won a Showcase Award from NY Materials at their annual Fall Association meeting in Albany! The HMA Showcase Awards are the Asphalt Promotion Committees awards program to recognize those producers, suppliers, owners, designers, contractors, or other parties who demonstrate exceptional performance as it relates to asphalt paving. We are beyond mooved to have won such a prestigious award!

Kenny Luskin, Peckham Materials Corp.


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