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Rapid Growth means Rapid Building with the Precast Advantage

Precast erection started two weeks ago on the new 1,500 car parking garage at athenahealth in Watertown MA. This rapidly growing company is building a beautiful campus in a vibrant neighborhood on the outskirts of Boston. As usual, construction efforts are being choreographed closely as we bring large over-length and over-width pieces of concrete from Shaftsbury, VT into relatively tight areas.

athenahealth has worked hard to create a great work campus for their employees; even the design of the garage will be a beautiful addition. The garage is clad with spandrels built on a special form liner as can be seen from the pictures. With some additional screening added to the sides of the building, as well as landscaping, this will be a first class building, and Dailey Precast is proud to be part of it.

Peter Simoneau, Dailey Precast



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Pleasant Valley Location Continues to be a Good Neighbor

Our Pleasant Valley location continues to improve our standing in the community by constantly upgrading both our physical appearance and environmental concerns. Peckham Industries is spending in excess of $250,000 on these improvements. We are updating our obsolete scale house with a new and modern version that will increase productivity and beautify the site. We have paved the entire front area and had a professional landscaper plant trees and mulch to keep the site cleaner and minimize the nuisance dust for our neighbors. The blacktop plant has added 32 feet to the exhaust stack and installed a “Vapor System” to help our carbon footprint and significantly reduce odors by using a environmentally safe neutralizing agent. We have also reduced our operating hours to be more attentive to the concerns of our neighbors. We here at Peckham Industries are investing in the community and strive to go the extra mile for our commitment to be a “Good Neighbor”.

Kevin McCarthy, Peckham Materials Corp.


Chestertown’s Plant is Beating to a New “Drum”

Chestertown’s asphalt plant is projected to be very busy this year. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Kent Barton, Plant Manager, and his staff had a busy 3 months getting ready for the May 1st opening by erecting a new drum plant. They took down the old batch plant, and put up the new plant in anticipation of the busy season ahead. Some of the differences between a batch plant and drum plant are;

Batch Plant

–          A lot of moving parts which is a lot of maintenance

–          Many stages of production that materials go through

–          Versatility in ability to switch mixes one after the other

Drum Plant

–          Less stages of production which results in mixes made quicker

–          Very efficient with production and high production jobs are completed faster

–          Less maintenance driven


Chestertown was a batch plant for 25 years (Fun Fact: Chestertown started as a drum plant). Donny Cooper, our long time plant operator, who just retired as the new plant was completed,  did a great job for all those years. As he retires we say thank you to Donny and look forward to marching to our new drum!

Greene County Highway Supers Learn the Back Roads to Making Roads

At the beginning of the 2017 Road Construction Season Peckham Materials invited the Greene County Highway Superintendents to take a tour of our hot mix asphalt and quarry operation in Catskill, New York.  We also had representatives from Reclamation, LLC to answer questions about our full depth reclamation process. The Highway Superintendents took advantage of the opportunity to see the plant and to speak directly with the operation managers.  This gave us the opportunity to learn the unique needs of each of our Greene County municipal customers.


John Giorgianni, plant manager, explained the new crusher, the HP-500 secondary crusher which has increased our crushing plant capacity significantly. Robbie Carl, Equipment Operator from Reclamation, explained the Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) process. After Robbie explained the process, Charlie Goss performed a demonstration of the process using the CAT RM-500B Reclaimer.  The FDR stabilization process was explained while the Highway Superintendents observed the process in motion and took the opportunity to ask questions.


Matt Rice, who has operated  our Hot Mix Asphalt plant for over 30 years, had the opportunity to meet with the Greene County Highway Superintendents and give them a hands-on showing of the control room.  The batching process was explained and they watched  the mixing of a 4 ton batch of Type 3 Binder . This particular portion of the tour generated many questions and concluded the tour. The tour was considered a success by all that attended.   All are welcome to come see this modern facility operated.  Thank you to the Greene County Highway Superintendents for a job well done and the opportunity to meet your needs.


Rick Rosa, Peckham Materials Corp.


Spring has Sprung when the Reclaimer hums

As the grass turns green, trees are starting to bloom and the warm comfortable breeze is circulating all the signs point to spring is finally being here. However, to Reclamation, LLC’s New Jersey crew, nothing says “spring” like the humming sounds of a reclaimer as it converts poor quality pavement into a new, high quality base.

Since Spring has sprung, we are off to a great start, completing the Sparta Commons Tennis Court project on April 13th. This was a 1,440 square yard project that we stabilized with Portland cement while successfully dodging the proverbial unpredictable “April showers”. Upon completion, Reclamation had another satisfied customer, and the club members are well on their way to a brand-new, rock-solid tennis court, just in time for spring!

Whether the project is large or small, we handle each and every project with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. We are looking forward to a productive 2017!

To learn more about our Reclamation process, please visit our website

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC


The Best Consumer is the Educated Consumer

On March 29, 2017 we hosted a pavement seminar for local Westchester County and Putnam County Highway Superintendents with the help of presenters Bruce Barkevich of New York Construction Materials Association, Patrick Keirnan of Advanced Testing and Thomas Baird of Barton & Loguidice. We had a great turn out and were able to update everyone on the most current asphalt products and best practice procedures.

We covered topics such as Warm Mix, Superpave, testing procedures, and porous pavement during the presentation at the Mt. Kisco Holiday Inn.  A lot of great questions were asked and Municipal personnel got a lot of insight on the technical side of the materials and procedures. Our goal was to help bridge the science of materials and field placement practices. The end result was we were able bridge the gap helping municipalities create better roads with extended service life.

Gary Metcalf, Peckham Industries Inc.

We are now offering convenient electronic invoicing saving time and trees

Just in time for Earth Day we’ve unveiled our new electronic invoicing service! By sending out electronic invoices we conveniently deliver invoices right to your inbox and save roughly 9 trees a year. You can sign up for electronic invoicing through our customer portal Peckham Customer Portal, just click the register button and follow the onscreen directions if you aren’t already signed up for the portal. You can also use the customer portal to retrieve tickets, invoices, run statements as well as reports.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call Donna Marques at 914-949-2000 x 446.

Service First, Sales Second

Take a look at our service oriented, super sellers outside of our Dutchess Quarry meeting facility located in Pleasant Valley!  Keep up the great work, Sales Force!

Advocating on Advocacy Day

On March 7th and 8th we joined 750 Attendees for Advocacy Day held in Albany, NY at the Legislative Office Building.  Advocacy Day is to rally for our roads by reaching out to our State Legislators and teaching them the importance of sound infrastructure, and how important state funding is to help maintain the integrity of our local roads, bridges, and highways through State programs such as CHiPS and PAVENY. These programs are critical to disperse State funding for capital construction of infrastructure that meets or exceeds the guidelines set by the NYS DOT. Without this funding, many municipalities would not be able to maintain safe roads, or bridges that are in dire need of repair, or replacement without burdening the local taxpayer!

Geared up in our safety orange t-shirts, we set off with many other stakeholders who come from both the private and public sector who share our passion for quality local roads and bridges. Not only did we rally with 750 attendees, but over 2 dozen Legislators spoke in the well of the Legislative Office Building on behalf of NYS funding to fix failing local infrastructure throughout the state of New York. This year in particular our voices were heard, and they were heard loud and clear!  It was reported that 137 Legislatures signed a petition designed to add an additional $150 million in State funding to programs which help support local municipalities. This Advocacy Day was a success and we couldn’t be prouder to be louder for such an important cause!

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Joe Wildermuth, Peckham Industries Inc.