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Finding Your Giving Spirit

giveAs we come into yet another holiday season I ask you to take a moment and contemplate “What does Christmas mean to you?” How will you and your loved ones celebrate this season of giving and receiving? To many of us the season may start by hanging our lights, decorating the yards with figures that represent the holiday. Maybe your season starts by listening to traditional music and decorating the tree. Possibly yours starts by shopping on Black Friday, or after Thanksgiving dinner.  We have so many things that consume our lives for this short period of time.  Sometimes, we can forget to be thankful for what we have and become so overwhelmed that we forget about those that have not.

During this year holiday season I ask that you consider taking an hour or two of your time to remember those families that are less fortunate and to do something that may directly or indirectly have an impact on them during the holiday season. You can volunteer at your local food pantry, bring canned goods and help someone who otherwise may not have that holiday meal. While you’re doing that shopping grab a toy and place it in the Toys For Tots box, I guarantee you will put smile on a child’s face on Christmas morning. Maybe you have a local homeless shelter, such as the Capital City Rescue Mission  that you can volunteer to help serve a meal to person or child that may otherwise not have a holiday dinner.  Go through those drawers in your dresser. We all have things that we have not worn in a year or more, donate those to someone who could use better clothes, a warm jacket or gloves.  You might see a member of our armed services over the holiday in a restaurant, pay for his or her meal. Go to a local nursing home and visit with someone who otherwise may have no family and think they are forgotten for the holidays. Something as simple as taking your five cent returnable cans and bottles to your local Boy Scout Troop, they will put the monies to good use.  These are just a few examples, I could list so many acts of kindness that anyone of us could do, however I ask you to take the opportunity and make it your own.

By you creating your own act of kindness during the holiday season you will have answered the question, “What does Christmas mean to you?”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Rick Rosa, Peckham Materials Corp.

A Full Depth Change in Chestertown

This year, Highway Superintendent Jason Monroe of Chestertown, NY made changes to the road maintenance program after facing the same problem time and time again. Between the lack of funding available through his town highway budget and from state “CHIPS” funds, and the growing road base failures repairs by using a typical hot mix overlay, he proactively took a different approach.

Jason chose to take a more invasive, yet environmentally friendly approach to repair the roadways with failing bases. He opted to recycle the roadways with base failures using the full depth reclamation process. Full depth Reclamation (also known as FDR) utilizes an in-depth recycling machine that grinds the road in place, pulverizes the existing material, then creates a base mix by injecting either foamed asphalt, cement, asphalt emulsions, or calcium chloride into the pulverized material and places it back into the roadway to create a brand new base with the existing road. The process allows the roadway to be reprofiled and greatly improves the load-carrying ability of the sub-base as well. The new base then has a wearing course placed over it.

Once the new road base was in place the less traveled roads were cost effectively double chip sealed and the higher volume roads had a hot mix overlay placed. The change in Chestertown was a win/win for everyone. Stronger roads and more miles were completed and the budget remained the same. Kudos to Jason for thinking outside the box, and keeping Chestertown’s roadway infrastructure safe, steady, as well as environmentally friendly!

Jay Castimore, Peckham Materials Corp.

HMA Plant Closings

All good things must come to an end, and the paving season is no exception! Please see below for tentative closing dates. We can’t wait to see you in the Spring!



Peckham Materials is Udderly Excited to Win an Award for the Ideal Dairy Project

Ideal Dairy, located abouideal-dairyt a mile down from our Hudson Falls plants recently added a trench silo to help with feeding their cows. John Dickinson, owner of Ideal Farms enlisted the help of Peckham Road Corp. and a local contractor who both excavated and paved their way to aid the farm in putting up 900 acres of corn silage to feed 1,400 cows. Peckham Road placed 3,800 tons of Hot Mix Asphalt supplied by Peckham Materials Corp., 16 tons of Cement to surface seal and it wasn’t just the cows who got excited! This project recently won a Showcase Award from NY Materials at their annual Fall Association meeting in Albany! The HMA Showcase Awards are the Asphalt Promotion Committees awards program to recognize those producers, suppliers, owners, designers, contractors, or other parties who demonstrate exceptional performance as it relates to asphalt paving. We are beyond mooved to have won such a prestigious award!

Kenny Luskin, Peckham Materials Corp.


Walmart goes to the back to move forward!

Late last fall we began supplying the new structure for the Walmart Super Center located in Bennington, VT, all while the original Walmart stayed open for business! What made this job particularly difficult was that the new 112,000sqft building was built BEHIND the currently existing 51,000sqft building, while Walmart and other tenants conducted business as usual. The GC Bast Hatfield did an amazing job making sure that everyone worked efficiently and safely with all the construction and day-to-day business in the area. WJ Keller & Son, J-Cal, Del Signore, Tatro Concrete Impressions and our very own Reclamation LLC worked together to get it done, and the new store was opened in the Summer of this year!

The project took almost 10 years for approval, and in less than a year we supplied over 40,000 tons of Aggregates, 4,000 Cubic Yards of Ready Mixed Concrete, 600 Tons of HMA and Reclaimed 20,000 Square Yards! Once the new building was fully completed, the old building was demolished. The Super Walmart now has a 600-square-foot pharmacy space; a 1,124-square-foot “vision center” providing eye exams and optical sales; a 55,000-square-foot indoor sales space, which includes 28,000 square feet of grocery space; and a 4,500-square-foot, covered outdoor garden center for live plants and other merchandise, along with a brand new roundabout to help with the anticipated increase in traffic.

Dan Dearstyne, William E. Dailey

Pouring White Plains First New High Rise in Several Years!

The City of White Plains is growing again with its first high rise in several years. Byram Concrete is the proud supplier of over 35,000 cubic yards of concrete at 55 Bank St. The project is being built by LRC Construction, and we supplied material every step of the way. Sisca Nwhats-new-pic-nov-bank-stortheast excavated and prepped the site, and then we started the mat pour for foundations for the two towers with Baker Concrete in February. After several 700-1,400 yard pours per day later, we are halfway there! Although the foundation was poured for two towers, the second tower is still in the design phase. We are halfway done with the 16 story Tower 1 and cannot wait to supply Tower 2. The super structure requires some heavy duty concrete mixes in the ranges of 5,000psi, 6,000psi, 8,000psi and 10,000psi concrete, which were expertly designed and tested by our certified in-house quality control department. This project has a special place for Byram Concrete since our business has such deep roots in the City of White Plains. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the still up and coming development in our very own city!

Gary Metcalf, Peckham Industries Inc.



The Peckham Advantage includes not only our employees, but our customers!


Peckham Industries Inc. has over 500 employees throughout all of our affiliated companies spanning across the North East region. Combined we have hundreds of years of experience in all of the product lines that we sell. Those products include crushed stone aggregates, sand and gravel, hot mix asphalt, ready mix concrete, emulsions, neat and polymer modified asphalt cement, liquid de-icing chemicals and precast structures as well as services such as, full depth reclamation, cold in place recycling and paving and construction.  One of our missions is to transfer the knowledge that we have acquired through experience and industry standards, to our customers.  By doing this we hope that we can make you, our customer, better educated, safer, more efficient, and more productive. Some of the areas that we may be able to assist you include safety knowledge and training, and assistance with regulatory and compliance issues. Our in-house quality control staff can help you solve unique problems, provide forensic investigation into problems on projects and work with you on new products, techniques and technologies. We also combine our expertise and experience with that of our valued customers. In the past, we have worked collectively with our customers trying new products and services together, and with dedication and teamwork we have a proven track record of success.  If you need assistance with a problem that you have, or if you would like to recommend and/or suggest new products, improvements, or modifications to our existing products we would be glad to introduce you to our QC staff. We have done some interesting and unique projects together with our customers, and plan to continue to do so in the future.   Let us assist you in helping you to better understand our products and the use and application of those products. Your local sales representative can help you with any questions, concerns or ideas you may have.

Joe Wildermuth, Peckham Industries Inc.


Asphalt Recycling & ​Reclaiming Association Conference!

Reclaim_Conf_3During the week of June 13, 2016, the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA) hosted the Northeast States In-Place Recycling Conference in Burlington, VT. Top engineers from 11 state DOT’s attended three days of seminars that highlighted the latest technology and research in the road recycling industry. As long-time ARRA members and industry leaders, Reclamation, LLC and Peckham Road Corp. hosted over 75 conference attendees for live demonstrations on their nearby project sites.

Reclamation, LLC, in conjunction with the City of South Burlington, reclaimed and stabilized a small but heavily used parking lot at a City athletic facility. We added asphalt emulsion to the pulverized material to create a “new” durable base that will serve the community for years to come. Our expert fine grading and compaction team reshaped the existing material to restore proper drainage and ensure a smooth parking surface.

Peckham Road Corp completed a very challenging cold in-place recycling project for the Vermont Agency of Transportation on Route 7 in Milton, VT. Foamed asphalt was injected into the top 3 inches of the very deteriorated road surface, and after four days of curing, the Peckham Road Corp, paving crew will apply a hot mix asphalt wearing course. In the face of ceaseless traffic and a complicated geometric configuration, our crews remained calm and delivered an exceptional product!

Chris Suttmeier, Vice President, Peckham Industries, Inc. presented to those in attendance. The topic was full depth reclamation construction specifications. Chris has had 25 plus years of quality control and manufacturing experience in hot mix asphalt, full depth reclamation, emulsions and various other products. He is very well versed and qualified to speak on the topic.

The conference attendees were uniformly impressed with both demonstrations. We can talk about recycling all day long (and we do!), but seeing it in action is far more powerful. Hopefully, the images of our work will be carried back to transportation agencies across the Northeast, and will continue to propel our industry into the future.

Emilie Simoneau, Reclamation, LLC

2016 Touch-a-Truck Event!

May_21_Touch_a_Truck_FlyerThis year Peckham will again be participating in a “Touch-a-Truck” event to help raise awareness for a great cause! This year’s occasion will be held in Clifton Park, New York, at the Zappone Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram on Rt 9, on Saturday, May 21st between 9:00am and 2:00pm. The money raised this year will help support “Veterans Count,” an organization dedicated to providing needed resources and services to our country’s veterans, service members, and their families! If you would like to learn more about Veterans Count, you can visit their website or you can check out their Facebook page. These events always have a wonderful turn out and are a great day to bring you kids and family to. We hope to see you all there!

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