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Peckham Industries Puts “Boots On The Ground” at AGC Rally!

IMG_1410Many Peckham Industries, Inc. employees traveled to Albany on March 21st to the Associated General Contractors of New York State “Rally for Transportation Parity”. This well-attended event brought over 1000 construction workers to the NYS Capitol to lobby for increased spending on upstate roads and bridges. Our group added to the call for “Boots on the Ground”, literally.  The “Well” under the Legislative Chambers was filled with orange hard hats, vests and boots as workers from across the state joined together from all trades to fight for money to be allocated for much needed repairs.

This latest rally followed on the heels of an earlier visit in March by hundreds of city, town, county and village officials joining with industry to increase local CHIP’s funding. With budget caps and increasing costs of mandates on local government, CHIP’s remains the most reliable mechanism for the funding of repairs to local roads and bridges. We stand with our customers and industry partners in the fight for increased infrastructure spending.

Attention Customers! Peckham Announces Downstate

bronx_plt_(4)_(1)We are pleased to announce the tentative opening dates for our southern division HMA plants are as follows:

  • Bronx – April 4, 2016
  • Bedford – April 11, 2016
  • Port Chester – April 11, 2016
  • Carmel – May 2, 2016

Please be aware that these dates are still subject to change weather permitting. We look forward to another new season and towards a great year ahead!

New and Enhanced Calcium Chloride!

Peckham Industries is always trying to come up with new and improved products, and Enhanced Calcium Chloride is no different. As we recall the harsh winter of 2014 and the shortage of salt for all the municipalities, we came up with a way to improve the effectiveness of the melting process and be able to do it by using less salt thus saving tax payers and municipalities money. By using the addition of a biodegradable thickening agent to our regular Calcium Chloride, Enhanced Calcium Chloride has the ability to adhere to the salt with greater reliability. With the addition of Calcium Chloride to the salt, melting can happen at a much lower temperature thus making the roads safer for the public. The Calcium Chloride can, in certain instances, save up to 25 percent in salt usage. This is achieved by the Calcium migrating on the road as the salt melts giving a wider range of coverage. Peckham Industries has provided many municipalities with a demonstration of the process and we have had rave reviews on the product and its capabilities. Although we have had a very mild winter, much to the delight of most people in the Northeast Region, the product did have success on the few very cold days we incurred. We at Peckham thrive on the opportunity of new products and ways to make the roadway safer for drivers and with this product we have done both.

Dailey Precast Helps Celgene Double in Size

celgeneWhen Celgene, a large pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, needed new parking to accommodate their fast growing employees, they came to Dailey Precast. The project called for a 4 level garage to be the foundation for a new 2 story office building.  The work needed to be done quickly, efficiently, and without causing much disturbance to the already busy campus. With these factors in mind Celgene officials knew precast was their best option. Through the use of Dailey’s precast concrete structures, and the great work by JEMCO Erectors, we were able to erect the 540,000 square foot building in no time! Projects like these are a great testament to the efficiency of our Dailey Precast team and show how reliable our precast concrete structures are!

Learn More About WinterCoat!

Peckham Materials recently introduced an enhanced calcium chloride product for stockpile treatment of salt and salt /sand (granular) blends.  The new product, WinterCoat©, greatly improves the performance of treated granular materials by allowing the liquid to adhere to them. Several demonstration projects have been performed over the past two months with spectacular results.  It is factual and well known, by years of practical use and experience by many agencies that calcium chloride will greatly improve the melting capacity of salt, particularly during very cold weather.  The calcium chloride activates the salt brining process. This allows the salt to work at colder temperatures that are outside of the normal ranges which salt is economically effective.  The problem in the past was that the calcium chloride would leach out of the granular materials, which presented a stumbling block in establishing its use for stockpile treatment.  With this new product we can treat granular stockpiles at 8 gallons per ton with no leaching.  This is accomplished by using a very low dose of high performance, safe additive that allows the calcium chloride to bond with the granular materials.  The product can be dyed using food grade dyes and treated with our corrosion inhibiting additive.  This is a revolutionary breakthrough in snow and ice control and we are anxious to speak to you about it.

Come See How Calcium Chloride Can Help You This Winter!

Representatives from Peckham have been meeting with local highway officials as they prepare for another winter. Working with representatives from OxyChem (our liquid Calcium Chloride supplier) a demonstration project is being held on November 4th in Dutchess County. Rock salt (NaCl) will be run through our pugmill, and 7 gallons of CaCl (per ton of rock salt) will be added to it. A new food-grade thickener will be added to the liquid calcium chloride so that there is no “run off” from the pile; the well-mixed products can be applied to the road with less bounce and scatter. The combination of both types of chloride products will give the road-clearing crews the best of all snow and ice fighting capabilities. After the last two very cold winters, customers using liquid CaCl can attest to its ability to heat and melt at much colder temperatures than rock salt. Call your representative today to see how we can help you.

35 Years and Counting!

35_YearsRon Smith started his career as a tractor trailer driver with Peckham in 1980.  This is his 35th anniversary with PII.  His talents don’t end with driving, he has also worked in the shop as a mechanic during the winter throughout his career. Ron’s bugshield on the front of his truck says Bullshot and Ron always has the cleanest truck in the fleet.  He takes great pride in his profession and in the way he presents himself and his truck. He has primarily transported asphalt to hot mix plants but in more recent years has been delivering and applying liquid calcium chloride.  Ron plans to retire this coming winter but continue to work part time for PII. Ron and his wife, Irene, live in Catskill.

Peckham and Scenic Hudson Work Together to Protect Catskill Ridgeline!

rip2Peckham Industries has always had a strong commitment to protecting our environment and maintaining the beautiful areas we work in. Recently we teamed up with Scenic Hudson on their “Save the Land That Matters Most” campaign to preserve an outstanding Catskill ridgeline along the Hudson River!  Click here to read more about the project, and be sure to visit our Environmental Stewardship page to see other conservation efforts Peckham Industries is involved in!

Winter is Coming!

salt_shedThe winter will be upon us soon and salt supplies will be flowing in to your salt sheds.  The prices for salt have come in much higher than in 2015 and prices may increase as high as $25 per ton.  Peckham can offer you a solution to decrease the cost of your salt expenditure with calcium chloride! Adding calcium chloride to your salt as you put up your pile can increase the salt efficacy. This reduces the number of applications, brings down your salt use and results in a decrease in your overall cost.  For minimal cost you can pre-wet your salt – and – you can pre-wet only the amount you want to.  We will be promoting this cost savings option and provide you with more information as the fall progresses.

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