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Peckham’s Green Initiative

greenPeckham Industries has always striven to be an environmentally friendly business and have been doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment. In the past year we have taken the initiative to switch some of our blacktop plants over to natural gas in an effort to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Our Athens terminal and Catskill blacktop plants were the first to undergo the change and this upcoming season our Pleasant Valley location and Bronx Asphalt Terminal will be converted as well. We are constantly seeking new ways to be as friendly as we can to our environment and this is a giant step forward.

Rebuild New York, NOW!

rebuildnyNew York’s infrastructure is literally falling apart. Run downroads, dilapidated highways,crumbling schools, battered hospitals, and weakening bridgesare a constant safety hazard for residentsacross New York State. Declining funding from Albany and an overall lack of concern for public safety and comfort has left our states framework in shambles. Rebuild New York Now plans to change that. Rebuild New York Now (RBNYN) is a partnership of supportersdedicated to raising public awareness about the issues impacting New York State’s infrastructure. Through the promotion of relevant research, data points, and news reports RBNYN aims to educate the people and federal and state policy makers about the issues and struggles surrounding New York States framework. Early this year the Governor will propose a new 5-year NYSDOT capital plan that can drastically effect the future of our roadways and public buildings. Please take a minute to read the article attached here, and to visit RBNYN’s website to learn how this problem effects your community and how you can contribute to a better New York. Join the fight to Rebuild New York, Now!

Contribute to the cause. Read the December Update.

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