News from Peckham

Come See How Calcium Chloride Can Help You This Winter!

Representatives from Peckham have been meeting with local highway officials as they prepare for another winter. Working with representatives from OxyChem (our liquid Calcium Chloride supplier) a demonstration project is being held on November 4th in Dutchess County. Rock salt (NaCl) will be run through our pugmill, and 7 gallons of CaCl (per ton of rock salt) will be added to it. A new food-grade thickener will be added to the liquid calcium chloride so that there is no “run off” from the pile; the well-mixed products can be applied to the road with less bounce and scatter. The combination of both types of chloride products will give the road-clearing crews the best of all snow and ice fighting capabilities. After the last two very cold winters, customers using liquid CaCl can attest to its ability to heat and melt at much colder temperatures than rock salt. Call your representative today to see how we can help you.

35 Years and Counting!

35_YearsRon Smith started his career as a tractor trailer driver with Peckham in 1980.  This is his 35th anniversary with PII.  His talents don’t end with driving, he has also worked in the shop as a mechanic during the winter throughout his career. Ron’s bugshield on the front of his truck says Bullshot and Ron always has the cleanest truck in the fleet.  He takes great pride in his profession and in the way he presents himself and his truck. He has primarily transported asphalt to hot mix plants but in more recent years has been delivering and applying liquid calcium chloride.  Ron plans to retire this coming winter but continue to work part time for PII. Ron and his wife, Irene, live in Catskill.

Peckham and Scenic Hudson Work Together to Protect Catskill Ridgeline!

rip2Peckham Industries has always had a strong commitment to protecting our environment and maintaining the beautiful areas we work in. Recently we teamed up with Scenic Hudson on their “Save the Land That Matters Most” campaign to preserve an outstanding Catskill ridgeline along the Hudson River!  Click here to read more about the project, and be sure to visit our Environmental Stewardship page to see other conservation efforts Peckham Industries is involved in!

Winter is Coming!

salt_shedThe winter will be upon us soon and salt supplies will be flowing in to your salt sheds.  The prices for salt have come in much higher than in 2015 and prices may increase as high as $25 per ton.  Peckham can offer you a solution to decrease the cost of your salt expenditure with calcium chloride! Adding calcium chloride to your salt as you put up your pile can increase the salt efficacy. This reduces the number of applications, brings down your salt use and results in a decrease in your overall cost.  For minimal cost you can pre-wet your salt – and – you can pre-wet only the amount you want to.  We will be promoting this cost savings option and provide you with more information as the fall progresses.

Peckham Receives Accolades for Excellent Work in Saugerties!

Earlier this month Peckham Road began work on 6 roads in the Town of Saugerties. The job called for the milling and rehabilitation of some difficult roads over a short period of time. As always Peckham was able to rise to the task. We just received a great letter from the Superintendent of Highways for the Town of Saugerties profiling the job and commending the amazing effort put forth by our employees Scot Lindsay, Ben Birch, and John Lewis!  Check out the letter here!

Peckham Rolls Out for Fundraisers!

Whats_New_June_2015_Truck_2Peckham Industries participated in two fundraisers on Saturday, June 20, 2015. The crew from the Hudson Falls quarry sent a shiny Komatsu 325 haul truck to the Aviation Mall parking lot for a “Touch a Truck” event. It was sponsored by the NewYork State Motor Truck Association and monies were raised for the VA in Albany. Jim Strainer and Sue Coulter proudly displayed the truck for kids (and adults!) of all ages. He was joined by Jeff Farley of Churchhill Associates; Jeff brought the recently restored 1926 fire truck from North Creek. It was rebuilt with the help of Barton Mines of North River and is a great beauty.

Randy Hamilton from Peckham Road took his tri-axle Western Star tractor to another similar event in Greenwich. This was held to support the Greenwich area Food Pantry and was held in conjunction with the annual Whipple City Days celebration near our Middle Falls blacktop plant. Randy keeps his truck in immaculate condition, and PII employees are always proud to see it hauling oversize loads, as he shuttles the paving, milling and cold-in-place recycling equipment all over Eastern NY and VT.

New Ground in Yonkers

news_0615Earlier this spring Byram Concrete, a subsidiary of Peckham Industries, began work on the River Club project. The River Club is a $107.5 million, 330-unit luxury rental apartment building located on the Hudson River in Yonkers, New York. Byram Concrete was pleased to partner up with Concrete Systems to supply the approximate 10,000 yards of concrete needed for this project. These 10 story towers hopes to breathe new life into the city of Yonkers and are part of the ongoing initiative to revitalize the river towns of the lower Hudson region. Being a lower Hudson project Byram Concrete was the obvious choice due to our great location and vast knowledge of concrete products. With 28 trucks just minutes away from the job site, we are one of the few concrete suppliers in the area that can handle such a large scale project. Our great reputation and proven reliability earned us a win on one of the largest development projects in the area this year!

Summer’s Coming

million-dollar-beachAs the stubborn, cold weather finally begins to break, crews from Rifenburg Construction will be back to work at the famed “Million Dollar Beach” at the south end of Lake George. Peckham Materials Corp. in Hudson Falls worked very closely with Rifenburg and engineer Barton & Loguidice in the fall to get as much work done as possible before the winter. The entire parking area was removed and completely reconstructed with porous pavement and a deep stone reservoir base coarse underneath. Lake George is renowned for its excellent water quality that has been preserved over the years, and the parking lot at the beach is the last step in a multi-year project. Thefinished parking lot roadand the road across the southern tip of the lake will keep sediment and other deleterious materials from the pristine waters along that highly traveled corridor. When the job is completed by the beach’s annual Memorial Day opening, the quarry will have supplied almost 25,000 tons of stone to the projectand the blacktop plant will have made 10,000 tons. Approximately 7500 tons are porous mix. Get to the beach and check out another great, environmentally friendly paving job that makes us proud!

Battling the Elements with Calcium Chloride

icyroadsWe are still in the midst of an absolutely brutal winter – the 2nd in a row. All of Peckham’s municipal customers are involved in snow and ice control operations and we are involved every day in supplying the materials needed by municipalities to control snow and ice. We provide sand from our quarries and gravel operations. This sand is vital for keeping upstate New York and Vermont roads passable by providing needed traction on road surfaces. We sell liquid calcium chloride to enhance the ability of rock salt to melt ice and snow. This winter was a perfect example of why you need calcium chloride in your snow and ice control arsenal. The cold weather makes salt ineffective. Unless it is mixed with calcium chloride to enhance its properties allowing it to work at much lower temperatures the salt is being wasted. Since calcium chloride is efficient and makes the salt effective at single digit temperatures it will reduce your salt applications thus saving your dwindling and valuable salt inventories. In partnership with Oxychem , our supply partner, we provide the highest quality liquid calcium chloride available. We have the inventory capacity to store large quantities of calcium chloride assuring you that, unlike salt, you will not be left short. Your Peckham Industries sales representative will be discussing calcium chloride with you and the options available to you for fighting snow and ice.

Peckham’s Green Initiative

greenPeckham Industries has always striven to be an environmentally friendly business and have been doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment. In the past year we have taken the initiative to switch some of our blacktop plants over to natural gas in an effort to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Our Athens terminal and Catskill blacktop plants were the first to undergo the change and this upcoming season our Pleasant Valley location and Bronx Asphalt Terminal will be converted as well. We are constantly seeking new ways to be as friendly as we can to our environment and this is a giant step forward.