News from Peckham

New Ground in Yonkers

Earlier this spring Byram Concrete, a subsidiary of Peckham Industries, began work on the River Club project. The River Club is a $107.5 million, 330-unit luxury rental apartment building located on the Hudson River in Yonkers, New York. Byram Concrete was pleased to...

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Summer’s Coming

As the stubborn, cold weather finally begins to break, crews from Rifenburg Construction will be back to work at the famed “Million Dollar Beach” at the south end of Lake George. Peckham Materials Corp. in Hudson Falls worked very closely with Rifenburg and engineer...

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Battling the Elements with Calcium Chloride

We are still in the midst of an absolutely brutal winter – the 2nd in a row. All of Peckham’s municipal customers are involved in snow and ice control operations and we are involved every day in supplying the materials needed by municipalities to control snow and ice....

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Peckham’s Green Initiative

Peckham Industries has always striven to be an environmentally friendly business and have been doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment. In the past year we have taken the initiative to switch some of our blacktop plants over to natural gas...

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Rebuild New York, NOW!

New York’s infrastructure is literally falling apart. Run downroads, dilapidated highways,crumbling schools, battered hospitals, and weakening bridgesare a constant safety hazard for residentsacross New York State. Declining funding from Albany and an overall lack of...

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