April, 2015

Summer's Coming
As the stubborn, cold weather finally begins to break, crews from Rifenburg Construction will be back to work at the famed “Million Dollar Beach” at the south end of Lake George. Peckham Materials Corp. in Hudson Falls worked very closely with Rifenburg and engineer Barton &Loguidice in the fall to get as much work done as possible before the winter. The entire parking area was removed and completely reconstructed with porous pavement and a deep stone reservoir base coarse underneath. Lake George is renowned for its excellent water quality that has been preserved over the years, and the parking lot at the beach is the last step in a multi-year project. Thefinished parking lot roadand the road across the southern tip of the lake will keep sediment and other deleterious materials from the pristine waters along that highly traveled corridor. When the job is completed by the beach’s annual Memorial Day opening, the quarry will have supplied almost 25,000 tons of stone to the projectand the blacktop plant will have made 10,000 tons. Approximately 7500 tons are porous mix. Get to the beach and check out another great, environmentally friendly paving job that makes us proud!

March, 2015

Battling the Elements with Calcium Chloride
We are still in the midst of an absolutely brutal winter – the 2nd in a row. All of Peckham’s municipal customers are involved in snow and ice control operations and we are involved every day in supplying the materials needed by municipalities to control snow and ice. We provide sand from our quarries and gravel operations. This sand is vital for keeping upstate New York and Vermont roads passable by providing needed traction on road surfaces. We sell liquid calcium chloride to enhance the ability of rock salt to melt ice and snow. This winter was a perfect example of why you need calcium chloride in your snow and ice control arsenal. The cold weather makes salt ineffective. Unless it is mixed with calcium chloride to enhance its properties allowing it to work at much lower temperatures the salt is being wasted. Since calcium chloride is efficient and makes the salt effective at single digit temperatures it will reduce your salt applications thus saving your dwindling and valuable salt inventories. In partnership with Oxychem , our supply partner, we provide the highest quality liquid calcium chloride available. We have the inventory capacity to store large quantities of calcium chloride assuring you that, unlike salt, you will not be left short. Your Peckham Industries sales representative will be discussing calcium chloride with you and the options available to you for fighting snow and ice.

February, 2015

Peckham's Green Initiative
Peckham Industries has always striven to be an environmentally friendly business and have been doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment. In the past year we have taken the initiative to switch some of our blacktop plants over to natural gas in an effort to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Our Athens terminal and Catskill blacktop plants were the first to undergo the change and this upcoming season our Pleasant Valley location and Bronx Asphalt Terminal will be converted as well. We are constantly seeking new ways to be as friendly as we can to our environment and this is a giant step forward.

January, 2015

Rebuild New York, NOW!
New York’s infrastructure is literally falling apart. Run downroads, dilapidated highways,crumbling schools, battered hospitals, and weakening bridgesare a constant safety hazard for residentsacross New York State. Declining funding from Albany and an overall lack of concern for public safety and comfort has left our states framework in shambles. Rebuild New York Now plans to change that. Rebuild New York Now (RBNYN) is a partnership of supportersdedicated to raising public awareness about the issues impacting New York State’s infrastructure. Through the promotion of relevant research, data points, and news reports RBNYN aims to educate the people and federal and state policy makers about the issues and struggles surrounding New York States framework. Early this year the Governor will propose a new 5-year NYSDOT capital plan that can drastically effect the future of our roadways and public buildings. Please take a minute to read the article attached here, and to visit RBNYN’s website to learn how this problem effects your community and how you can contribute to a better New York. Join the fight to Rebuild New York, Now!
Contribute to the cause. Read the December Update

October, 2014

Peckham Tackles Another Complex Job: Porous Asphalt
In August the NYSDOT was in need of a very stringent and precise Porous Asphalt Pavement for a project on the Taconic State Parkway in Dutchess County. They were in need of 818 tons of Binder with a PG 70-22E asphalt and 477 tons of Top that required a PG 76-22. Both the Top and Binder specified a very tight gradation range and an Asphalt Drain Down test. When contractors need a mix as specific as this, they look to Peckham. We have a strong reputation for being able to handle any and all pavement demands and our Quality Control team always ensures the highest quality of product across the entirety of any job. This project with its strict mix guideline and large volume is just another stunning example of the skill and expertise of our Quality Control Department and our plant personnel. The entire project was completed without a single problem and the Peckham team received nothing but compliments from the contractor (Sun-Up Enterprises) and the NYSDOT.

Peckham Takes Part in an Award Winning Project
Late in 2013, Peckham Industries played a critical role in the replacement of the I-84 Bridges over Dingle Road. This $10.2 million NYSDOT project was originally projected to take two years, but with the use of new “rapid bridge” construction techniques using our NExT beam design, limited traffic impacts to just two days! Dailey Precast, a PII subsidiary, supplied all the precast concrete components, and Peckham Materials supplied all the Hot Mix Asphalt on this critical roadway. The job was such an impressive feat that out of 36 states and 73 projects, it is ranked as one of America’s Top 10 Transportation Projects of 2014. A lot of hard work, planning, and dedication went into this project and it deserves all the accolades it receives; however the competition doesn't end there. This job is still in the running for the Grand Prize and the coveted AASHTO People’s Choice Award. The nation will decide through online voting which of the projects will receive the award, and a panel of experts will select the Grand Prize winner The winners will receive a $10,000 donation from AASHTO on behalf of the winning state DOT to a charity or scholarship fund of its choosing. Voting began September 8th. If you would like to vote for the 1-84 Bridges over Dingle Road Replacement project, then click the link here: Americas Transportation Awards. Voting is open until October 24th and you can vote up to 10 times a day, so let’s see if we can make this job America’s top project for 2014!

August, 2014

Customer Appreciation, Peckham 90th and Duchess Quarry Open House
The employees and customers of Peckham Industries put in a lot of hard work and devotion on a daily basis. On Saturday, August 16th, we wanted to reward that dedication and work ethic with a Customer Appreciation night at Lebanon Valley Speedway. Jay Castimore and Ken Luskin did an amazing job organizing the event and treated everyone to a great night of racing. With over 70 people in attendance we had a fantastic time cheering on Jay's team. Led by the #20 car and driver Brett Hearn, the crowd roared as they won the feature race that night!

For a large business to be owned and run by the same family for 90 years is a remarkable milestone. On Saturday, August 23 the employees of Peckham Industries gathered together to celebrate the 90 year anniversary at Herbert’s Birch Hill in Schodack, NY. With over 500 people in attendance, the day was filled with food, fun, activities and camaraderie for all. Throughout the day we played softball, raced go-karts, rode a bull, devoured hot dogs, and even managed to sink a paddle boat (luckily no one was injured)! The picnic was an outstanding success and everyone had an amazing time.

In 2012, Peckham Industries purchased the Duchess Quarry plant in Pleasant Valley. Since then, we have been waiting for the right moment to open the doors to the public and have an official Grand Opening. Now we finally feel the facility is ready to be shown off and we are excited to announce that on September 3, 2014 we will be having an Open House! Come by and check out all the hard work we put in!

Thumbs Up as Route 28N Work Continues
Several crews from Peckham Industries, Inc. have been hustling all summer to finish up the Route 28N project from Newcomb to Long Lake. This very rough stretch of road in Essex and Hamilton Counties was the subject of an early 2013 video showing extraordinary frost heaves and other serious problems that caused vehicle damage and slow passage After the media attention it received in Albany, Route 28N became a priority project for NYSDOT. Last summer, underdrain pipe was installed along the length of the project on both shoulders and frost heaves removed. Paving work was completed on the Hamilton County portion last summer. Peckham Road Corp. completed 305,000 SY of cold-in-place recycling through the Essex County portion in July 2014. 60,000 tons of T&L and 9.5 MM Superpave top are being supplied from the Peckham Materials Chestertown HMA plant throughout August and September. With 35 trucks on the haul, it’s been a very productive job as we race to beat the early frost in September. As you can imagine, the local population and those that drive heavy log trucks through the Adirondacks are thrilled . . . and the crews get many “thumbs up” from the passing cars!

June, 2014

Whats New… ME!
As a new employee a company normally welcomes you to their organization, however I have been honored to welcome Peckham Industries as my employer. After retiring from the United States Marine Corps after 22 years I settled in Valatie, New York with my family. In 2007 I started my new career and worked for Bonded Concrete in Albany, New York. Seven years later, here I am with Peckham, embracing a whole new trade, but back in an area of work that I truly fit in. From Hot Mix Asphalt, Aggregate Supply to Chip Sealing, Motor-Paving and all other aspects of my job I am proud to be apart of it all! My territories currently include Delaware County, Greene County and Ulster County with my home plant located in Catskill, New York. Should you have an upcoming work in the area please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with all of you in the future. Thank you to Peckham Industries for allowing me to a part of your family!

- Rick Rosa, Peckham Materials Corp.
(845) 389-2236

Breaking Ground at Cross County Shopping Center, Yonkers

Cross County Shopping Center located in Yonkers is growing rapidly, and we are there to help them expand. Byram Concrete is currently supplying concrete to three new structures joining the shopping center. The Hyatt Hotel, Olive Garden and Long Horn Steakhouse are currently under construction, and we are working hard for every yard. With 75,000 square feet being erected between the three, we certainly are staying busy. This is not our first trip to the shopping center. Back in 2011, a total renovation was completed, which we also supplied. The overhaul was an amazing transformation, and more excitingly this is the shopping centers 60th Anniversary! We wish them all the best, and we cannot wait to do more to beautify Cross County.

- Charlie Smallen, Byram Concrete & Supply

March, 2014

Peckham Industries Celebrates 90 Years
Since 1924 Peckham Industries has been, and continues to be a dynamic family owned company, with a vast presence in the heavy highway construction industry. What started out a small road construction company in 1924 has become one of today’s premier industry leaders in heavy highway materials supply and construction. We have continued to grow over the past 90 years expanding our expertise throughout many aspects of the industry. As of today, we have 11 Quarries, 13 Pavement Production Facilities, 4 Ready Mixed Concrete Facilities, 4 Liquid Asphalt Terminals, 2 Emulsion Mills, a road construction company and a Pre-Cast/ Pre-Stressed Concrete Facility. The past 90 years were no easy feat with fierce competition and many economic hardships, however with ingenuity and drive we’ve made it, and we will continue to thrive. Thank you for the past 90 years of success and we look forward to many, many more years of continued growth!

- Gary Metcalf, Peckham Industries, Inc.

Stabilizing Recycled Roads Smarter with New Technology
Just when you thought our road recycling stabilization services couldn’t get any better, we’ve raised the bar! The WLB10S is our new foamed asphalt lab from Wirtgen. As we’ve always done – the new lab enables PII to perform a mix design for your project that has the optimum physical properties with enhancements. The new equipment allows for better reproducibility and reliability in the lab as well as quick precise verifications of different sources of PG binder and their foaming qualities – expansion and half-life – the two most critical properties of foamed asphalt. This significant investment in our business allows for faster throughput of mix designs for your projects, for timely project construction as well as the ability to test many sources of PG binder to ensure we’re using the best material for the job. Another new “twist” on our CIPR is the utilization of a windrow pick-up machine in the process. As CIPR gains acceptance with state agencies as well as county and municipal agencies - we’ve found that end-users are requiring “more” of the process. The requirement for faster moving, smoother and higher traffic volume stabilized projects is now the norm. With the addition of this new equipment - a good product and process – just got better. Our projects are noticeably smoother and production is timely and consistent. End users have noticed significant improvements in ride quality, mix quality and rates of production.

We look forward to showing off our new equipment and improved performance on a road near you!

- Chris Suttmeier, Peckham Industries, Inc.

April, 2014

Dover High School Earth Day Teaches the Kids about Earth Friendly Manufacturing and Products
For the second year in a row we were given the opportunity to teach the kids not all manufacturing is bad for the environment. Once we “bribed” the students for their attention with candy and stickers, we taught them about how we minimalize our carbon footprint every step of the way from our better choices in production fuel, to the bag house systems implemented to reduce air-borne pollutants. We were also able to show them a porous asphalt demonstration, which helps reduce pollutants from traveling by keeping the storm water run-off in-place! The kids enjoyed seeing all the positive things we do, what an important role we play in development and they especially liked to see once we utilize all the materials in our quarries and how the land looked once it was reclaimed! A big thank you to Dover HS, Dover Elementary School, and the Dover CAC!

- Jessica Sarfaty, Peckham Industries, Inc.

Calcium Chloride Works Wonders! we all know, this was one of the most difficult winters in many, many years. It compares to the winter of 1993-1994 when the temperatures were very cold and the snow was abundant. We were running around the clock back then delivering liquid calcium chloride. As Highway Superintendents know, it was a tremendous challenge this year keeping roads clear of snow and ice, especially given the very cold temperatures. With that being said it is not too early to begin looking into liquid calcium chloride for next winter’s snow fighting solution. Liquid calcium chloride enhances the ice melting capabilities of sodium chloride rock salt. Also it allows you to melt that ice even during the coldest temperatures. What does that mean for you? Less material use fighting the storm and it gets the plow drivers back in the barn earlier- better efficiency while using less material, and better results! We know liquid calcium chloride may not be a “sexy” chemical, but it will be sure to make your life next winter a little less frustrating. If you are using LCC already, you know the benefits you reap, and if you are not using it you should make an appointment with your Peckham sales representative to discuss your needs. Winter will be here again before we know it, and we all know you cannot tackle the storm without a game plan!

- Joe Wildermuth, Peckham Materials Corp.

March, 2014

Town of Bennington Takes Advantage of Peckham Industries
The Town of Bennington has been very busy this past season, keeping us busy too! Highway Superintendent R.J. Joly did quite bit of work; Reclamation, Chip Sealing, Fog Sealing, Hot Mix, Paving, Concreting and we supplied it all! Mr. Joly listened to the residents of the town, and knew he had quite a bit of work ahead of him. He needed a company he could put his trust in, along with a one stop shop to help coordinate all the work and he found that in Peckham Industries. Along with town highway personnel we paved, reclaimed, chip/ fog sealed and concreted the way! The Town of Bennington, and its residents couldn’t be more pleased with their newly reconstructed town.

- Dan Dearstyne, Peckham Industries, Inc.

Dutchess County has a new Commissioner of Public Works

It is with great pleasure that Dutchess County has announced the appointment of Noel H.S. Knille, AiA, ASLA as the new Commissioner of the Department of Public Works. Noel fills a void in the Department that has not had an appointed commissioner since the retirement of Charlie Traver in June 2012. Ms. Knille comes with a vast background in the field and alumni of Vassar College. We welcome Ms. Knille and look forward to working with her on future projects for the DCDPW. Dutchess Quarry and Supply has been and will continue to be a dedicated supplier of Hot Mix Asphalt and Aggregates for the County, and we look forward to starting a new season with the new Commissioner.

- Kevin McCarthy, Dutchess Quarry and Supply LLC

February, 2014

"NYSDOT Rapid Bridge Construction" I-84 over Dingle Ridge Rd. Putnam County, NY

Entire pre-assembled bridge structure was slid into place over 19 hour road closure in September 2013.

Port Authority in Newark, New Jersey uses Full Depth Reclamation
Full Depth Reclamation knows no bounds. Just ask Kyle Conti Construction, who hired Reclamation LLC to perform full depth recycling for the Port Authority of Newark, New Jersey. Working closely with the contractor and the owner, Reclamation used the Wirtgen 2500 Reclaimer to perform Full Depth Reclamation on the site giving the road the results of a typical “road reconstruction” job, without the typical carbon footprint. The project consisted of recycling the existing dilapidated surface and base courses to build new base courses for the truck loading drive routes and since the recycler does most of the work in-place we were able to restructure the road with a much smaller carbon footprint, and utilize much more recycled material onsite and in-place. They loved the job so much another section will be performed this spring in 2014!

- Jennifer Schwenker, Reclamation LLC

Winter storms may have you down, but with Calcium Chloride you’re not out
Anyone who has stepped outside this winter has experienced the unique difficulties presented by frigid temperatures. The car will not start, the windshield is covered in ice, roads are dangerous, and traffic is maddening! Winter storms Electra, Falco, Hercules, and Nika, coupled with extraordinarily cold temperatures have also placed a great deal of strain on the people who are tasked with making sure those roads are clean and safe. To make that goal more attainable, Peckham Materials proudly supplied many local municipalities with Calcium Chloride the premier ice and snow fighting agent available. Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) is a supplement to its well known cousin, Sodium Chloride (rock salt). CaCl2 greatly increases the effectiveness of rock salt, which has severely limited abilities when the temperature drops below 25° F. However, when wetted with CaCl2 rock salt becomes viable to temperatures approaching below 0°! Not only does CaCl2 increase the effective range of rock salt, it also amplifies its ability to melt ice. Consider that, after 30 minutes at 25° F, rock salt wetted with CaCl2 will have melted 8 times more ice & snow than rock salt alone! Another major disadvantage of rock salt is its tendency to bounce off the road after it leaves the spreader. CaCl2 has been shown to greatly reduce this, thus keeping a higher percentage of the product where it is meant to be. Thanks to the increased efficiency roads are clearer faster, with fewer applications and a safer driving environment is maintained all while saving on manpower, equipment, and material costs. In the end CaCl2 is an incredible product with many benefits, the greatest of which is keeping people safe, not to mention by saving money. Peckham Materials is a major supplier of Calcium Chloride in Long Island, NYC, and throughout the Hudson Valley region. Peckham maintains storage of almost 1 million gallons of CaCl2 and has the trucking fleet to get any job done. Thank you for letting us help you make safe roads this winter, after all we have a job to do too!

- Glenn Young, Peckham Materials Corp.

January, 2014

The Daily on William E. Dailey
The cold weather has slowed things down in Vermont for most of the local construction projects that involve our HMA, Aggregate and Concrete facilities. However, our precast division is still extremely busy with our sales team securing a number of parking garage projects. The precast division will be very busy starting out the year casting, and delivering structures to projects like: Woodbury Commons in Central Valley, NY, Oracle in Burlington, MA, St. Alban’s, VT, NuHealth in Long Island, NY and Lifetime Fitness in Westwood, MA, just to name a few. One large project that is still active this winter is The Hermitage Club Base Lodge at Haystack Mountain. Work on the Hermitage Base Lodge started this spring and we are currently supplying lightweight concrete to the project for the elevated slabs. Plans for a pedestrian bridge for skiers is under design to allow deliveries to the base lodge without interfering with skier traffic. The Hermitage Project is also seeking permits to include six proposed houses and a four unit condominium in 2014 and the Deerfield Valley Airport, which is part of the Hermitage Resort, grand plan of owner Jim Barnes, is planning a 5000 foot expansion to the existing runway. Along with the Hermitage Projects, the Dover/Wilmington area seems to be the hot spot for construction. Currently, the Deerfield Valley Transit Center is out for bid in February which will become home to the Moover Buses for the area transportation. As in past years, ski resort projects usually bring more support business to the area which we hope means more construction projects.

- Brian Lent, William E. Dailey

The Village of Kiryas Joel is ready to pave, the Peckham Way
The large Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel with a population of 30,000 located in the Town of Monroe milled 14,000 sq yds this past season in preparation of paving this year. After years of chip sealing, the heavily congested area can no longer maintain friction on the road and needed a more “industrial" alternative. The village milled the road to improve friction for the upcoming winter season, which was no easy feat for us! Since they have such a large amount of traffic that travels through the village, we actually had to get off the road until 10:00am! Once we were back on the road we were able to mill all 14,000 sq yds a ½” down in one day. In the spring the village anticipates us back to mill another 2” down, and pave the way for their bustling commune!

- Charlie Jones, Peckham Road Corp

December, 2013

New Faces and New Places at Dailey Precast
Dailey Precast, LLC continues to build a growing clientele throughout New England and Metro New York /New Jersey in the Parking Garage and Rapid Bridge Replacement marketplaces. Eric Schaffrick, Dailey Precast’s General Manager, is quick to emphasize that the continued success is supported by a group of talented individuals dedicated to safety, quality and customer satisfaction. New to the Dailey Precast team to help continue that success are: Tim Audet, Bill Pfister, Eric Subik and Tim Breen. Tim Audet is responsible for Purchasing and Materials Control Management. A 10-year veteran of the precast industry, Tim’s leadership and organizational skills bring added value and economy to process and product. Bill Pfister joins our Engineering department as a Project Draftsman. Bill gained his 18 years experience within the precast industry and with leading structural engineering firms in the region. Eric Subik joins our Project Management with 7 years in the General Contracting industry. A graduate of Clarkson University, Eric brings an impressive track record of managing successful projects for conception to completion. Tim Breen has taken over Sales Management. With over 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing and project management, Tim has led large and complex structural and architectural precast concrete and environmental projects. A graduate of Marquette University and the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) Sales and Leadership Development Programs, Tim has also earned the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional (AP). With their help, plus the help of our highly accredited, and dedicated staffers we are we are excited about the prospects for an even more successful New Year as 2013 comes to an end. To start the year off, we will begin erecting the new Woodbury Commons Outlet Parking Garage in mid-January. Located in Central Valley, New York, this garage features over 500,000 square feet of parking decks over three elevated levels. That is roughly the area of 12 football fields! With just under 1,300 individual pieces, this garage must be completed and turned over to the owner in just 6 months and we were chosen to meet that challenge. As always, we will not disappoint!

- Eric Schaffrick, Dailey Precast, LLC

J.A. Henckels Warehouse Floor Reconstruction
J.A. Henckels, world renowned knife manufacturer, recently reconstructed a 4,000 sqft warehouse floor in Pleasantville, NY for their corporate headquarters. Andy Lopes Building Corp, the concrete subcontractor for W.A. Kelly in this project trusted none other than Byram Concrete & Supply to help complete this project in just a few short weeks. With 1,600 cubic yards to be placed to recreate the floor for this warehouse, Andy Lopes Building Corp. knew the task at hand would be no simple feat, which is why they chose us to supply this project. We worked closely with the contractor to assure both the quality and on-time delivery. In about two weeks and about four large pours later the floor was completed 2” deep on top of the existing slab using a 4,000psi non air entrained straight cement concrete mix. The contractor opted to use the latest of technologies on this project; a laser guided ride-on screed and four ride-on trowel machines. Once the concrete was finished, the floor had a durable glass-like surface. Andy Lopes Building Corp. couldn’t be happier with our service, and material, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this project.

- Charlie Smallen, Byram Concrete & Supply LLC

November, 2013

Safety first on the Bear Mountain Parkway Extension
NYS DOT, Town of Cortlandt and City of Peekskill, both concerned with safety on the Bear Mountain Parkway Extension, have joined together to create a plan to better improve the risks to drivers and pedestrians. New turn lanes, traffic signals, a median rail and crosswalks have been implanted to make safety a priority when using the parkway in between Highland Avenue, Peekskill and Route 35/202, Cortlandt. The three mile stretch of road was enhanced by Yonkers Contracting of Yonkers, NY. With an expert heavy construction supplier they were able to place over about 2,000 tons of aggregates out of our Patterson Quarry with ease. They also placed over 8,000 tons of HMA utilizing both our Montrose, and Bedford Hills,NY facility (occasionally at night) to accommodate the heavy traffic! We were able to work so well with the contractor on this project it was completed well before the 2014 deadline!

- Jack Reynaud, Peckham Materials Corp.

Town of White Creek gets a hand from the Peckham Family of Companies
Thanks to the efforts of Washington County Highway Supt. Chris Rieban, the Chestnut Woods roadway finally got the attention it so richly deserved with a hand from the Peckham Family of Companies. The road located on the Vermont border in a rural farm area was badly out of shape from being heavily patched over the years, with poor soils heavy in clay loam. Reclamation LLC was first on the job and they did a full depth reclamation to a depth of 7” to begin the process of rebuilding the road. The town, being environmentally friendly, used Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) from our William E. Dailey facility located in Shaftsbury, VT as a subbase and mixed the RCA with calcium chloride. Once the calcium was precisely placed, the subbase was reground to thoroughly mix the material, and then graded and compacted. Now that the subbase was compacted in-place Peckham Materials Corp. in Athens came in to apply the cold mix pavement, with help from our WE Dailey Hoosick Quarry for all of our aggregate needs. Using our own cold mix paver, materials and mix design we were able to put down 2000T of cold mix 3” deep, using a 50/50 mix of 3/8” and ½” stone, flawlessly! We let the road cure and topped it off with a single chip seal, and the Town of White Creek, and it’s residents couldn’t be happier!

- Kenneth Luskin, Peckham Materials Corp.

October, 2013

Peckham Industries slides over to the I-84 for seamless bridge replacement
The companies of Peckham Industries played important roles during the much-publicized recent west-bound bridge replacement of I-84 over Dingle Ridge Rd. At 5PM on Saturday, September 28, 2013, the west-bounds lanes of the Interstate were closed by general contractor Yonkers Contracting. Over the course of an extremely well-orchestrated 20 hour closure, multiple crews performed all steps necessary to demolish the old bridge and slide (on Teflon pads) a new bridge structure and approach slabs into place. The nearby Peckham Materials Corp. blacktop plants in Bedford and Carmel supplied two paving crews (one on each side of the new bridge) with over 2,800 tons of SuperPave mixes to match the new line and grade of the structure. Sister company Dailey Precast of Shaftsbury, VT provided the prestressed bridge-building components during July and August that Yonkers erected on temporary steel staging. Each of the pre-topped NEXT Beams weighed over 140,000 pounds, with the connected bridge and approach slabs weighing in at over 2 million pounds---quite a lot to slide! See the 20 hours condensed into three minutes here.

- Peter Simoneau, Peckham Industries, Inc.

Dutchess Quarry supplies HMA and Aggregates to Route 55 in a roundabout way
NYS DOT began construction of the first roundabout on Route 55 to address this heavily congested intersection. A. Colarusso and Sons began the ½ mile project in late September which stretches from the Taconic Parkway to Freedom Road. They are in the midst of realigning the road for this year long project and plan to take out three traffic lights to make way for the three roundabouts. This much needed roundabout will help relieve 2-3 miles long of cars lined up during rush hour, both morning and night, in front of a high school no less! Although the local businesses and residents are not happy about the current construction, the end result will be well worth the wait! With about 20,000 Tons of Superpave HMA, 15,000 Tons of Aggregates being supplied and a highly experienced contractor on the site, we have no doubts about this project’s success!

- Kevin McCarthy, Dutchess Quarry and Supply Co., Inc.

September, 2013

The Town of Meredith learns a new pavement, the Cold Way
Jason Noble, Highway Superintendent of the Town of Meredith in Delaware County tried cold mix for the first time this year, and will never use another type of pavement again! Jason learned first hand how cold mix can be just as superior as conventional hot mix asphalt, especially considering the nearest HMA plant is 18 miles away! We brought our pug mill to their town garage and mobilized to prepare for the 3 mile project. Utilizing the stone the town had provided us with and our own CMS-2 oil we were able to create a quality mix design and began paving with a beautifully laid down mix. Our subsidiary Peckham Road Corp. operated the paver and they were able to manage a mile per day. The town was so pleased with not only the mix, but the quality of work they plan to do more cold mix paving next year! We are proud to help the Town of Meredith pave the way, while saving time and money!

- Rodney Wager, Peckham Materials Corp.

The Greenburgh Nature Center stays true to its roots by concreting the environmentally friendly way
The Greenburgh Nature Center is getting a new parking lot, and it’s a far cry from the conventional way. They have opted to pave their parking area with pervious concrete, which is beginning to trend in the Northeast area. Pervious Concrete is a system that works as a storm water solution and consists of Portland cement, pozzolan, aggregates, high range water reducer, hydration stabilizer, and a viscosity modifier (no sand/ “fines” or air entrainment, unlike conventional concrete) to create an open-graded drainage material. Placement of pervious concrete is also very different from what we all know. It requires a minimum of two layers (sometimes three) to make the “system” work and if one layer is not placed correctly the system will not work. The Pervious Concrete is the final layer and placed with a paver or roller. Once placed correctly there is no need for catch basins, or any other storm water solution, the water seeps right in through the concrete, down into the detention layer, and then absorbed by the soil! The certified Pervious Concrete contractor, Nova Crete knows what it takes to place Pervious Concrete correctly and with excellence, which is why they chose quality material from Byram Concrete, a choice supplier!

- Chris Suttmeier, Byram Concrete & Supply LLC

August, 2013

PARCO helps make durable roads today, for a stronger tomorrow
PARCO, the wholesale asphalt subsidiary of Peckham Industries, Inc. manufactures and supplies SBS polymer modified asphalt to a variety of projects throughout New York and New England this paving season. Polymer modified asphalts, also known as PMA are becoming increasingly used because of the greater durability and performance characteristics that they add to traditional hot mix pavements. Various agencies including the Port Authority of NY/NJ, NYSDOT, VTAOT, NJDOT, NHDOT, CTDOT and PennDot already specify the use of PMA on many of their projects.

One way PMA is used is for the NYSDOT 6.3 mm thin lift hot mix asphalt pavements. The 6.3mm mix is a ¾” alternative thin lift product that directly compares favorably to other paver placed treatments. The PMA makes the mix tougher, more weather resistant and resilient than any other thin lift pavements. We're currently working on projects in Dutchess and Greene Counties but we've worked on many more throughout New York. PARCO knows that what you manufacture is only as good as the “glue” you use to hold your product together, and we are proud to provide a quality product!

- Joe Wildermuth, PARCO

Building bridges RAPIDLY with William E. Dailey Precast
New York State DOT along with contractor, Yonkers Contracting of Yonkers, NY is using a new bridge replacement system to replace the east and westbound bridges on Interstate 84 in Putnam County. The system, which is currently used in the western states, is a new approach for New York. The concept for this procedure is referred to as “Rapid Bridge Construction” and is set forth by using precast concrete decks. The new precast deck was manufactured by William E. Dailey Precast of Shaftsbury, Vermont.

On critical routes like I-84, it is all about minimizing impacts on the travelling public. Using precast components manufactured by Dailey, Yonkers will assemble the new bridge deck next to the existing bridge, then cut the old bridge apart, drop it to the ground and slide the new deck into place, pave the approaches and re-open the highway -- all in 18 hours! This will take place on the east bound side of I-84 on the weekend of September 21, and then the west bound side on the weekend of September 28.

The new deck is replacing a two lane concrete deck and steel frame bridge with a pre-stressed precast deck that is three lanes wide with a new "breakdown lane". Needless to say, the new bridge dwarfs the existing bridge.

The new section is already and in place and rests on a Teflon coated rail system where it will be slid into place similar to a block and tackle approach, slide it a few feet, then move the equipment and slide it another few feet. It is expected to take 4 hours to demolish the existing deck and between 3 and 4 hours to slide the new one into place. The new deck with be 2 feet higher than the old deck so some extensive paving will take place during the 18 hour window. Approximately 3,500 tons of Warm Mix Asphalt, half on each side of the bridge, will be placed after the bridge in place, leaving about 10 hours to complete. No small task. The WMA will be supplied from our Peckham Materials, Bedford Hills, NY, location while our Carmel, NY plant will be on stand-by.

While the project is being built, a large viewing stand will accommodate up to 100 visitors watching the process. NYSDOT is hoping this method will be the new normal going forward, reducing the travelling public to months of delays due to closures associated with old standard methods; it is part of the “Everyday Counts Program” being pushed by DOT’s around the country.

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Dailey Precast and Peckham Materials Inc. are subsidiaries of Peckham Industries, Inc.

- Gary Metcalf, Peckham Industries, Inc.

July, 2013

New Jersey and Pennsylvania DOT go green with Full Depth Reclamation
New Jersey DOT and Pennsylvania DOT put their faith in Reclamation LLC to perform full depth recycling. Reclamation in conjunction with Wirtgen America performed the first FDR project for each DOT for the first time ever. The projects both consisted of three phases, and each phase had the road shut down for four days. During the brief shut down the road was recycled, stabilized, paved and then open to traffic! The road was recycled using our Wirtgen 2500 Reclaimer, and the stabilization process consisted of a perfect blend of foamed asphalt and cement (with only a 24hr cure time). Once the stabilization course cured we paved the way for New Jersey DOT and Pennsylvania DOT! Hats off to Chris, Brian and Mike for a job well done, and creating an outstanding mix design which was crucial to this project!

- Jim Wilcox, Reclamation LLC

Reclamation LLC and Dailey Precast LLC helps enable shopaholics at Woodbury Commons
Our reclaimer was recently at Woodbury Commons Dailey Precast LLC . Reclamation LLC will be reclaiming 35,000 sq yds of land to make a base for the elaborate structure. The reclaimed material will then be stock piled on the job to be reused as a subbase prior to paving. Contractor, W. Harris, out of Pearl River, NY will start pouring footings as soon as we are done reclaiming to make a solid foundation for the aesthetic precast parking garage custom made for Woodbury Commons . We can’t wait to go back in January to complete this exciting project.

- Charlie Jones, Reclamation LLC

NExT Beam production at Shaftsbury precast facility

"NYSDOT Rapid Bridge Construction" Yonkers Contracting Corp. I-84 over Dingle Ridge Rd. Putnam County, NY

Entire pre-assembled bridge structure will be slid into place over 19 hour road closure in September 2013.

Byram Concrete & Supply LLC is the King of The Castle
Byram Concrete is proudly supplying Ready Mixed Concrete in Port Chester to the new luxury development; “The Castle”. The condos will feature 83 one and two bedroom units that range between 800 and 1,100 square feet. That means it will take approximately 5,000 cubic yards of Ready Mix Concrete for the foundations, and suspended slabs to complete the high end building! The long awaited project in the Rye, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut markets will accent the revitalization project in Port Chester, which is highlighted by their newly revamped Waterfront. We look forward to supplying more concrete in the Port Chester area, helping with their beautification efforts one yard at a time!

- Charlie Smallen, Byram Concrete & Supply LLC

Porous Aggregate drains out the use for unnecessary drainage systems
Porous Aggregate is steadily becoming one of the preferred solutions in storm water management using “natural” products. Unlike Porous HMA or Pervious Concrete - Porous Aggregate is a subbase not the finished layer, but can eliminate the use of drainage systems and retention ponds.
Specifications for these products differ depending on site conditions, engineers requirements, etc. but what all have in common is a very tight gradation range and virtually no fines – making it a challenging product to produce. Not only does the supplier have to perfect the right amount of each aggregate to blend, but the contractor has to do their part in placement – to ensure the material remains porous when placed.
Most commonly, and most recently we are seeing the use of Porous Aggregate as a subbase for synthetic turf on sports fields in lieu of elaborate drainage systems. We are currently supplying Trinity-Pawling Schools, The Kent School in Connecticut, St. John’s University in Queens, and the recently awarded SUNY Purchase will be using Porous Aggregate.
The most recent project, St. John’s University, was supplied out of our Bronx facility. What makes this so special is that due to the particularly tough specification for this blend, we relied on our HMA drum mix automation and used the cold mix feeders to blend the material to exact proportions. Once the material was pulled from our cold mix feeders it was sent onto the collector belt, and placed into a truck from the chute prior to the dryer drum, and released directly into the truck! We were able to get the contractor a custom blend product “made to order” quickly and efficiently. Our Porous Aggregates are helping with storm water solutions, saving time and money, naturally!

- Gary W. Metcalf, Peckham Materials Corp.

April, 2013

Magnesium Chloride Battles Old Man Winter
The old-fashioned way still works very well for a Dutchess County Township, Town of Milan. Located in Northern Dutchess County they use Magnesium Chloride for their winter snow and ice removal program. The town does use a combination of sand and salt, however, they also spray their stockpile of material with magnesium chloride in their salt barn. Using a bucket loader, they back blade the sand and salt mixture out flat, then apply approximately 6 to 8 gallons per ton using a hose. By doing so, the sand and salt mixture will work more effectively at lower temperatures when applied to the road which in turn reduces plowing passes. By reducing plowing passes, the highway department is saving on labor, fuel and wear and tear on equipment- a win-win for the Milan Highway Department.

- Mike Haggerty, Reclamation LLC

Saratoga County Lets Vendors Speak Up

New Saratoga County Comissioner of Public Works, Keith Manz, wanted additional information for the County’s 2013 road program. The Engineering Department gave interested vendors a list of the 8 roads (consisting of 15 miles total) that the county will be working on this year. Keith’s idea was to solicit vendor recommendations for the best repair treatment for each road. Our approach was to use the NYSDOT condition rating system, and based upon that assesment, recommended an appropriate repair. The recommendations were then submitted to Saratoga County lead engineer Bill Benosky. As part of their solution, Peckham Materials Corp. and another Peckham Industries subsidiary Reclamation LLC hopes to provide full depth reclamation and cold in place recycling on some of the Saratoga County roads. The county liked the input of the vendors and have decided to renew this approach in 2014. This is a first class example of suppliers and the customer coming together to create an innovative and well thought out problem solving solution. Kudos to Keith Manz and his department for taking this cooperative approach!

- Jay Castimore, Peckham Materials Corp.

March 2013

Peckham Materials Corp. helps support winter maintenance
As this winter comes to a close it is fitting to discuss liquid calcium chloride. Peckham Materials Corp. provides liquid calcium chloride for winter time roadway ice control and we supply numerous Village, Towns, Cities and Counties throughout New York and the mid-Atlantic region. We have served our customers for over 20 years and our reputation for quality product and reliable and prompt delivery is what our customers have come to expect from us. We do our absolute best to earn your trust and keep our reputation intact; after all we know what a difficult job it is to keep streets clear of snow and ice. It would be unacceptable for us to fall short of your expectations. Unlike many suppliers, we will deliver partial loads and we don’t charge you anything additional. Oxychem (Formerly Dow Chemical) provides all of our calcium chloride. We are proud to distribute Liquidow calcium chloride which is produced and manufactured in the United States. Calcium chloride is unparalleled in its ability to enhance the properties of road salt to allow it to melt snow and ice at temperatures below zero.

- Joe Wildermuth, Peckham Materials Corp.

Reclamation LLC and Peckham Road Corp take over the Town of Dover’s mountains
Our reclamation experts recently headed up to Dover, VT where we conducted an analysis of each road and determined that full depth reclamation was the appropriate fix because of the extensive surface cracking and poor subbase. We reclaimed each road 6” deep and did two different types of stabilization. Some of the roads were stabilized with Calcium Chloride, but others were stabilized with cement which the town wanted to try due to high clay content in the soils. Once the stabilization was complete the roads were given their final grade by town personnel under the guidance of Highway Superintendent Bob Holland. Peckham Road Corp. then paved the roads with a District of Vermont 3/4” base and ½” top. Now that the subbase, and grade are corrected, along with quality hot mix asphalt in-place the town has extended the service life of their roads.

- Daniel Dearstyne, Reclamation LLC

Washington County DOT Resurfaces Route 29
Washington County Regional Engineer Ian Miller joined forces with Reclamation, Inc and Peckham Road Corp. to recycle and resurface State Route 29 in Greenwich, NY. The project was 9 miles long and consisted of two phases. Phase 1 consisted of Reclamation, Inc., Cold in Place Recycling 3 miles of the existing pavement. The pavement structure was recycled using their Wirtgen 3800CR and 2200CR simultaneously with foamed asphalt, at a depth of 4”. Phase 2, Peckham Road Corp. installed a 1.5” True and Leveling overlay on the remaining 6 miles. Thanks to Neal Lewis, of Peckham Road Corp., and his 20 years of paving experience, he was able to lead the paving effort to restore the cross slope and centerline profile on this old and worn out stretch of road!

- Jim Wilcox, Peckham Road Corp.

NYS Route 86 was the location for a 5 mile recycling project this past season. The project ran westerly out of the Village of Lake Placid and Cold In-Place Recycling with Foamed Asphalt was the chosen recycling process for NYSDOT. Lake Placid, also known as the “Olympic Town” is inundated with summer tourists and several high level sporting events including the Ironman Competition. Needless to say, disruption to traffic flow was not an option. The CIP recycling method with foamed asphalt allowed a much quicker cure time to keep traffic moving and disruption to a minimum, also allowing the paving contractor that followed us to mobilize his paving crew to commence the day after the recycling phase was completed. By recycling, the work footprint and machinery used was relatively small compared to what would be required to do a total reconstruct. End result – an efficient, cost effective and expedited recycling-paving project with minimal environmental impacts. A win-win for the traveling public, taxpayers, and the Olympic Region!

- Mike Haggerty, Reclamation of Kingston, LLC

February 2013

Bennington, VT goes to William E. Daliey for one stop shopping for Rt. 279!
The Bennington By-Pass Rt. 279 Northern leg has officially opened and the 2.6 miles of road from Rt. 7 North to RT 9 East completes the north and east/ west connection around Bennington, VT. Construction of Rt. 279 has been a major boost to the Bennington economy for 12+ years. The various bypass projects have taken traffic from downtown Bennington and diverted it all around the town. William E. Dailey, Inc., a Peckham Industries, Inc. company, has supplied tens of thousands of tons of high quality crushed stone, sand, gravel and hot mix asphalt for the various stages of this project. In addition to those products, we also supplied thousands of yards of ready mix concrete for the various structures that are part of this project. The Bypass projects have been an integral part of our business for the past 12 years and with the completion of the bypass projects we are going to miss this work going forward. These projects provided a significant boost to the local economy and we hope that the state will continue to invest in critical infrastructure projects that will provide good jobs and improve competitiveness.

- Brian Lent, William E. Dailey

January 2013

Town of Ballston goes green and saves the taxpayers $50,000
Joe Whalen, highway superintendent opted to use Cold in Place Recycling on Moonlight Drive in lieu of traditional road reconstruction. Cold in Place Recycling or CIPR is a process that utilizes a Wirtgen 3800 cr to recycle the existing pavement and create a new sub base layer. The project consisted of 3" of CIPR with foamed asphalt and 2" of Type 6 Asphalt Concrete Top Course. The recycling process reduced the duration of the project by 30 days and increased the life expectancy of the pavement structure by 60%!!

- Jim Wilcox, Reclamation of Kingston

Lightweight Concrete shines in downtown White Plains project
Byram Concrete is currently supplying Metropolitan Plaza at 150 Main Street in White Plains, NY with a 4000psi Light Weight Pump Mix with Macro Fibers, among other mixes to Perform Concrete of Danbury, Connecticut. What makes this project stand out is that the Lightweight concrete is used with Macro Fibers. Perform Concrete is pleased with the flowability, and workability of the concrete. The ease of labor during the pour process of this specialized concrete to the decks inside the building has been superb. Once the concrete has hydrated, the contractor will then provide a smooth, polished finish to all the decks poured using Lightweight Concrete with Macro Fibers leaving the newly constructed structure with a beautiful floor.

--Charles Smallen, Byram Concrete & Supply LLC

December 2012

Peckham Road Corp. makes the “grade” in Washington County
Washington County Highway Department Superintendent Richard Wilson teamed up with Peckham Road Corp. to mill and pave County Route 41 in Kingsbury, NY. The 4.9 miles of pavement was milled with our Roadtec 700 cold milling machine to re-establish the cross slope of the worn pavement on the rural route. Once the milling was complete, our Hudson Falls plant produced a Truing & Leveling course that was expertly placed to bring the surface of the existing pavement to the same transverse and longitudinal slope required prior to placing the top course. To top it off, we placed a Type 6 top for a perfect finish, and a lasting road ahead!

- Kenny Luskin, Peckham Road Corp.

November 2012

Gedney Way Landfill Closure, White Plains, NY
Peckham Materials Corp, Putnam Materials Corp., and Wingdale Materials LLC, all Peckham Industries subsidiaries, have begun to supply the Gedney Way Landfill in White Plains, NY. The remediation of the landfill, which has been closed for 35 years in part due to mild contamination, was established in 1948. This project is not only large, but will be heavily monitored by the NYSDEC. Our multiple locations will be supplying the landfill with over 22,000 Tons of Aggregate and 13,000 Tons of HMA! We are very excited to supply this extensive and complicated project awarded to ELQ Industries, of New Rochelle, NY. As City of White Plains Mayor Roch said, “Thirty-five years is a long time. We need to cap this landfill, and we are obligated to do so and we will do it right” and they most certainly came to the right supplier!

- Gary Metcalf, Peckham Industries, Inc.

October 2012

Peckham Road Corp. awarded 5.35 million dollar project
“The vertical integration of Peckham Industries, Inc. intersecting with an excellent job location allowed us to put on a near perfect display of the talents and capabilities we have throughout our company.” –Peter Simoneau, Vice President, Peckham Industries Inc. said about our newest project. "What makes this $5.35 Million project special is that it is funded through Governor Cuomo’s NYWorks program. The project by Peckham Road Corp. involved paving 45,000 tons of 9.5MM and 6.3MM superpave mixes, supplied by Peckham Materials Corp. in Chestertown.  We used our expertise and knowledge to simultaneously mill, pave, and place shoulder backup. PARCO, another subsidiary of PII in Athens NY, supplied the HMA, aggregate, tack coat, liquid asphalt, and polymer-modified AC. Additionally, 30,000T of RAP was brought back to the plant for recycling!  The Peckham logo was seen all throughout Warren County, as our flowboys, pavers, milling machine, and support trucks quickly and efficiently worked a multitude of spots to beat the rapidly approaching days of fall. Our work earned us the commendations of H. Harry Balz, a long time AGC member and resident of the Adirondacks."

-Peter Simoneau, Peckham Road Corp.

Pleasant Valley HMA installs new RAP system
Our newest addition to the Peckham family of plants, Dutchess Quarry and Supply’s Pleasant Valley location has now installed a new RAP system! After working day and night to install the new RAP system, we are finally up, running, and producing a superior mix. We started crushing the millings on-site in Pleasant Valley, and have already started using RAP in our HMA mixes.

On September 27, 2012 we also successfully incorporated RAP into NYSDOT mixes, and have had nothing but superior results after careful laboratory testing. Our first of many NYSDOT projects using RAP is on RT 9 in Hyde Park, NY, a 9,000T project, which means over 1,350T of RAP! The pavement has never been more secure with our overlay that includes RAP.

- Kevin McCarthy, Dutchess Quarry & Supply LLC

September 2012

6.3 mm mix used to extend service life of pavement
Construction has begun on the Route 55 and Route 22 projects in Dutchess County. Green Island Construction of Green Island, NY was the success bidder on the 17 mile stretch of road from the TSP in Lagrange to Pawling NY and a portion of Route 22 near the Town of Pawling. The project consists of various shoulder and sectional repairs with an overlay of 6.3 mm Polymer Modified HMA. The project has begun with production from our Pleasant Valley location which will supply 1/3 to ½ of the project – then moving to the Patterson HMA plant for the southern remaining portion of the project. The mix calls for 64-22E Performance Graded Binder – supplied by PARCO Athens where the polymer modified binder is manufactured by milling SBS polymers into “regular” asphalt to produce a higher quality and better performing asphalt binder. Polymer modified binders have proven increased longevity, flexibility and overall better performance than traditional “neat” un-modified binders. A typical application of the 6.3 mm mix is as a pavement preservation tool to increase the expected service life of the pavement 5 - 8 years or longer. This project calls on the expertise and experience of many of our fellow workers and facility’s for asphalt binder supply, several aggregate production facilities, and several HMA plants to supply a successful project. Here’s to making NY’s roads better one ton at a time. Make certain to take note when you’re driving down the new smooth, quiet pavement.

- Peckham Materials Corp.,Chris Suttmeier

Ulster County tackles aftermath of Irene With Service and Support From Peckham Materials Dave Sheely, the Commissioner of Ulster County Department of Public Works, is highlighted for his outstanding pride and dedication for his county. With all the emergency work that had to be done after Irene, Dave's crew, with John Kouhout, the section supervisors, and foremen, still managed to do all the normal year-to-year maintenance utilizing all the products and services Peckham has to offer. Starting with over 5 miles of CIPR (Cold In-Place Recycling), nearly 20 miles of the FDR paved with HMA from our Catskill plant, cold mix paved 10 plus miles, and the most impressive 30 miles of road preservation with simple, cost effective chip sealing. We are proud to have supplied materials not only after Hurricane Irene, but to have helped the County of UIster with their year-to-year maintenance, keeping everything running smoothly!

- Peckham Materials Corp., Rodney Wager

August 2012

Gary Metcalf, Byram Concrete & Suppply Byram Concrete is very excited to install a brand new Increte Color Machine.. With our new color machine we can create a wide variety of colors right at the plant, and batch it directly into the concrete within a moments notice! When the color is placed in the concrete mix at the plant, you can be assured that your color will be mixed thoroughly and consistently once the truck reaches the job site. This process is highly beneficial, especially when it comes to that “special touch” for any project, to compliment every style. No more fussing with pavers, cobblestone, or flagstone that tends to fall apart. No more wasted money on labor putting the pieces together. You get your desired results within a few hours, not days speeding up productivity to move forward onto your other projects. At the end of your project you will have a solid, durable piece of art that you and your company can stand proudly behind for years to come!.

Joe Wildermuth- PARCO Our PARCO terminal in Athens, NY produces Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA). We have been manufacturing PMA since 2009. PMA is asphalt cement, modified with an elastomeric polymer (typically SBS) that improves upon the properties of the original base asphalt and the end result is hot mix asphalt with improved performance characteristics. These improved characteristics include reduced fatigue cracking, greater resistance to rutting and the ability to better withstand cold weather cracking. PMA has been instrumental in making possible the use of the thin lift, dense graded asphalt pavements that are being specified by NYS Department Of Transportation and other agencies. Asphalt pavement containing PMA is often specified on roads subjected to heavy traffic counts and loading. For this reason PMA is often specified for use at airports and for FAA runway paving projects.
PARCO produces a variety of PMA grades, both standard and specialty. As a producer how do I know if I need PMA? If the high and low temp numbers add up to 90 or greater the chances are that PMA is being specified.

July 2012

DOT Commissioner Joan McDonald describes recent Reclamation Inc. CIPR project as saving "money and time" and " is considered environmentally friendly because it doesn't waste the old road surface material." Read the article at Lake Placid News
Find out more information on Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) at

Joe Wildermuth, Peckham Materials Corp Peckham Materials Corp. in conjunction with Seymour Sealing Service, Wallingford, CT is producing and distributing the PASS® family of products in New England.  PASS® is a proprietary emulsion technology that takes emulsion performance to a new level.  The PASS products are uniquely blended emulsion formulations that are used for chip sealing and for cold mix paving.
The two companies teamed with RAP producer, and laydown contractor, S & S Paving, Southbury, CT. to manufacture and lay down a cold mix pavement using RAP mixed with PASS ® -R emulsion. The project was completed in Connecticut this summer.  The PASS ® -R emulsion is unique in that it is stockpile stable, mixes well with the RAP and it meets the tough, zero VOC emission requirements of the CTDEP.   The PASS ® -R is mixed in a central mix pugmill with ambient temperature RAP and is either hauled direct to a conventional paver for placement or it is stockpiled and then placed at a later date. The pavements are performing well and the projects exceeded expectations. The cost benefits of this pavement are very attractive for municipal and commercial customers. 

Roland Sawyer, Peckham Materials Corp Peckham Materials Corp completed, on July 17th, a very difficult Single Chip Seal project on a 2,600LF roadway to an exclusive property on Lake George in Bolton, NY. We had a joint venture with Ellsworth & Sons of Queensbury, NY. First we had Ellsworth install a 2.5" Binder course, which we fog sealed, and then had our chip seal crew from our Athens, NY Facility apply Asphalt Emulsion with Polymer (CRS-2P) and chip with Limestone #1-A stone. This was applied on steep grades of 10% to 15% and very tight, difficult curves. This project was a great challenge, and the end result was very gratifying! Thanks to all who made it happen!

June 2012

Warm Mix Asphalt – Paving the way to a greener future
As a leading manufacturer of Warm Mix Asphalt throughout NYC and the Hudson Valley we know that by using warm mix technologies we can make a large impact on reducing the asphalt industry’s carbon footprint while making a small change.“What we’ve always intuitively known has been documented. Warm-mix technologies result in almost no worker exposure to asphalt fumes, and the fuel savings from using warm mix observed by NCAT were truly phenomenal” -Howard Marks, NAPA VP for Environmental Affairs. By lowering the temperature during production and using a special warm mix additive to the asphalt binder we can produce an asphalt mix that uses less fuel to produce, doesn’t expose workers to asphalt fumes, and, of course, create outstanding pavement! Studies have shown that there is no difference in the performance of asphalt when using Warm Mix Asphalt versus conventional Hot Mix Asphalt, even in areas of heavy traffic, and tough climates. Peckham Industries is proud to help pave the way to our greener future, and gives you a “warm” welcome to do the same! Read more about Warm-mix...

Gary Metcalf, Peckham Materials Corp. Peckham completed an in-place recycling project with Morano Bros. in the Town of Lewisboro on Rt. 121. One of the first jobs in Westchester, it demonstrated how our "green technology" can really save money and restore pavements while eliminating reflective cracking. Our 6' CIPR operation is compact and nimble in urban environments. We also started supplying hot mix to McNamee Const. on the Rt. 9 project in Cold Spring supplying 30,000 tons of superpave out of our Montrose plant, 14,000 gallons of tack coat out of our Kingston plant, and 300 tons of Recycled Item #4 out of our Bedford plant at night.

Charlie Smallen, Byram Concrete & Supply LLC Byram Concrete & Supply is proud to have supplied the new Lord & Taylor in Ridge Hill. What makes this project so special is that Macro Fibers were added to the mix as a wire mesh replacement. The Macro Fiber was mixed throughout the entire load of concrete at the plant for even distribution from the beginning to the end. Macro Fibers not only contributed to substantial savings, but also prevented potential injuries associated with wire mesh, saved space on the job site, and saved time and money by not having to lay the wire mesh out!

May 2012

Ed Snook, Reclamation LLC In Carteret, NJ we are stabilizing 25,800 sq yds of soil for a new commercial complex to be built. Due to clay in the sub soil, we will be using cement in 50lb per sq yd doses to stabilize the materials beneath the new structure. Over 500 tons of cement will be used to stabilize the soils and create the perfect subbase for the new superstructure!

Rodney Wager, Peckham Materials Corp. In September of last year the Town of Gardiner chip sealed 1.5 miles of River Park Road to replace a worn road. The development which it faced wasn't satisfied with the country, rustic look of the chip sealed road and wanted a more "modern" appearance. After consulting with representatives at Peckham Materials Corp. it was decided that a fog seal would be added in October to not only give a more "blacktopped appearance" but also extend the service life of the road. The Town of Gardiner was so happy with the results they will no longer chip seal without fog sealing as well!

April 2012

Reclamation LLC, a Peckham Industries subsidiary will be performing cold in-place recycling on Rt. 121 in the Town of Lewisboro starting on or about May 3. Please feel free to stop by and observe the operation

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