Paving & Road Construction

Peckham Industries, Inc. began in 1924 as a construction company. Over the decades, we have evolved principally into a road construction and maintenance materials supplier with our expansion and growth focused on such products. However, the Company also provides a delivery mechanism to install the products we sell. Our subsidiary company, Peckham Road Corporation, and affiliate company, Reclamation, LLC,  provide comprehensive road paving and construction services, including paving of all types, site work, maintenance, surface treatments and full depth reclamation and cold in-place recycling, respectively. We are available to provide consultation services by sharing our many years of experience so your project is completed according to your needs and specifications. Most of all, our construction crews provide us with the capability to deliver our materials to you in finished form while maintaining the highest quality of service.

Our reclamation process reduces highway maintenance costs up to 40% over a five-year period, conserving natural resources, fuel and emissions through recycling of existing materials and reducing the equipment required for a project. However, not all projects require full reclamation or recycling of the pavement surface. We assess each project thoroughly to find the best solution, whether that be a full-depth reclamation and re-pavement or maintenance measure such as chip seals or emulsions. Next we factor in environmental conditions that may affect the materials used on the project, and work with you to coordinate a timeline and budget.

Cold-in Place Recycling

Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) is a pavement rehabilitation technique that corrects pavement defects and utilizes existing in-place materials.  When a pavement structure fails, merely resurfacing the existing pavement does not provide a long-term, satisfactory or cost-effective solution. These failures, which produce such problems as severely cracked pavements, rutted lanes, and irregular pavement profiles, will always reflect through a costly new overlay if not properly corrected. For these types of problems, Cold in-Place Recycling is an ideal solution. Our CIPR process can save you valuable time and money in the replacement and maintenance of existing roads by recycling existing materials. This process eliminates sub-surface cracks that other processes do not address, extending the overall life of the pavement service.  CIPR corrects surface deficiencies by recycling the existing roadway into a stabilized base that can be overlaid to meet your specific needs.

Using the high-performance Wirtgen 2200 recycling machine, the CIPR process enables us to recycle asphalt courses to a depth of 4 inches, during which we add a variety of binders to the reclaimed pavement and  provide a pre-compacted surface in a single pass. This can restore the existing road surface to the same quality as a newly paved road. The Milling Drum, a central element of our cold recycler, allows us to cut through existing pavement that we can then mix with either foamed asphalt or asphalt emulsion in a specially designed milling and mixing chamber.

At the conclusion of the CIPR process, the roadway is compacted and is then ready to be topped with a wearing course overlay of either a hot-mix, warm-mix, cold-mix or chip seal products. On average, our CIPR process is 25%-50% less costly and provides more structural value when compared to conventional hot-mix or cold-mix asphalt mill and fill reconstruction solutions. The quick mobilization, high production capacity, and fast curing time CIPR processes allows for timely project completion, reducing costs associated with long equipment trains, trucking materials on and off-site and lengthy road closures.   Our staff has the experience, knowledge and processes to help you evaluate your road reconstruction needs and to development a plan which will guide you through the construction process. In addition, our state-of-the-art modern equipment ensures lower emissions throughout the repair process.

Some of the advantages of cold in-place recycling are:

How Does CIPR Work: The 6-Step Process

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