Ready-Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed, or Portland cement concrete, is the foundation upon which all buildings are constructed. Peckham Industries, Inc. was a participant in the ready mixed concrete business for many years after the Company was founded, however, we exited this market in the late 1960’s. We re-entered the business again in 2004 with the acquisition of William E. Dailey, Inc. and now operate ready mixed concrete plants in Southern Vermont and most recently in Westchester County, NY as a result of a partnership with Byram Concrete & Supply LLC.

All ready mix is not created equal. When your customers entrust you with their dream, whether it be a new home or a commercial project, you must be confident that the components and the end product is of the highest quality and your supplier is of the highest integrity. We use only high quality aggregates mined from our quarries and sand and gravel pits. Our drivers are well-trained and prepared to deliver ready mix to your site with professionalism, skill and care. We provide close monitoring of your ready mixed concrete through testing and production automation to insure the product you receive meets your specifications and job criteria.

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