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The Science of Road Repair through Reclamation

Our reclamation lab, located at the Peckham blacktop plant in Pleasant Valley, NY, contains some of the most modern and comprehensive equipment in the industry.

No single road preservation technique works best in all situations so our lab performs a comprehensive evaluation on a project-specific basis. Each inspection is based on the reclamation application used and adjusted to address the specific type of equipment and stabilization agent employed. The type and extent of a pavement assessment depends on the scope of the particular project and can include an investigation and evaluation of several factors such as:

  • Pavement properties assessment including structural capacity
  • Severity of the road distress
  • Composition of the existing pavement
  • Depth and type of the road base and/or sub-base
  • Condition of sub base material
  • Drainage
  • Design life

In addition to a physical assessment of a road, we also consider historical information, environmental or climatic factors, material deficiencies and traffic conditions. Depending on the situation and severity of road distress, which could range from surface defects to base and sub-grade problems, additional investigation may be required.

The aim of each investigation is to uncover sufficient information to formulate an appropriate rehabilitation mix design and method to renovate the pavement. Once the cause of the road distress has been identified and assessed, we select a rehabilitation technique. Pavement designs can be mass-produced to suit specific design life and functional standards and accommodate wide range of traffic conditions.